Live Review: Joyce Manor, Apologies, I Have None & Well Wisher – The Star and Garter, Manchester, 25/09/12

The city of Manchester has always been labelled as the ‘rainy city’, and it isn’t rocket science to work out why this is so. The horrendous weather certainly puts a damper on everyone’s spirits and plans, especially if you’re travelling to a small pub called The Star and Garter, where upstairs, a small anxious weather hardened bunch of music fans await one of the biggest cult phenomenon’s in the punk rock community to play them a fantastic set of raucous catchy jams.

Before the main attraction, the first of two opening bands are welcomed with curiosity from a decent sized crowd. Well Wisher from Manchester play a brilliant math rock-influenced 90’s emo sound, that features great melodies which morph into either a gentle sway or a beefy climax. All of this is bridged to the crowd by the pedantic antics of their frontman who is both entertaining and intriguing with yelps of melodic woe with the odd climatic yell. [4/5]

Since the release of their debut full length ‘London’, Apologies, I Have None have managed to make quite a name for themselves amongst the underground music scene. The likes of ‘Sat in Vicky Park’ and ‘Long Gone’ produce a human pyramid and a crowd rush ‘n surf to the stage. Such a buzz can be felt, seen and heard instantly from the huge interaction between them and the front half of the room who are in absolute unison singing along to the huge melodic slabs that that the band delivers, note by note, word for word. [3.5/5]

There is a real sense of gratitude amongst both the crowd and Joyce Manor; the former is greatful to finally see one of their favourite bands play these shores, whilst the latter is just content to play to a bunch of fresh faces. Raw angst ridden vocals are shouted along thick sprawling garage punk instruments which are filled with catchy lyrics and the most hectic melodies. All in all, the band’s tight set is just too hard to ignore like a frustrated infant who makes you smile. Being treated to a wealth of songs from their self-titled record along with a few offerings from their latest ‘Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired’ and a brilliant Murder City Devils cover is nothing else but sheer brilliance and delight for 2 of the 5 senses. [4/5]


Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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