Live Review: Hindsights, The Winter Passing and Body Hound – Wahlbar, Manchester – 31/08/2013


A last minute show is always a nice surprise for both music fans and bands, but depending on the size of the band, this can vary in attendance. The attendance of tonight’s show however is irrelevant, what matters is the quality of the bands, and from the words of this reviewer, I can sincerely say that those who weren’t there have missed out dearly.

Playing their first ever show, South Yorkshire instrumentalists Body Hound succeed in keeping eyes drawn to the stage. Their progressive mix of math metal is well honed, especially for a new band. They spiral around the small mountain that is audience and certainly impress without the fear of an avalanche. There are gaps but for a young band there is potential and ideas to be had. Keep an eye on the development of this quartet. (3.5/5)

Following Body Hound are strapping young Irish indie punks The Winter Passing. Since releasing debut EP ‘Scrapbook’ in January, the band has definitely shrugged off any Tigers Jaw comparisons; the influence is there sure but the quintet has managed to find their own identity. Technical difficulties hinder a great set, but over the set’s duration, they plough through to charming heights. The vocal interplay between siblings Rob and Kate Flynn is touching, whilst the music is brash and earnest in quality. With a full length in the works and due for release on FITA Records, there’s no question or doubt that many will be baying in their work. (3.5/5)

It’s an utter shame that so few have come to see tonight’s headline band. Berkshire quartet Hindsights relish themselves in melancholy and finely strung angst. To put it in simple terms, the band play a mix of 90s inspired indie, emo and post hardcore. It’s fuzzy, it’s shouty, it’s soft, it’s dreamy…it’s simply brilliant to behold. Sure, many bands are doing a similar thing but the reason it works for these guys, is rarely honed dose of passion. Passion runs through their veins, and into their lyrical and musical craftwork. If you don’t believe me, go to a show or listen to two songs from their upcoming record for new label Beach Community, entitled ‘The Thoughts That Weigh Me Down’. Hindsights are an unmissible new flavour from the underground British music scene. (4/5)


Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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