Live Review: Fozzy – Underworld, London – 11/03/2015

There are few venues that can contain Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho’s indomitable energy. In many ways, the Underworld wasn’t one of them – the cover-band-turned-original-artists deserve a much larger platform upon which to start a war. That said, they’re certainly pleased to be dominating Camden on their European leg of a headlining world tour – at last.

An even-split of wrestling fanatics and heavy metal pilgrims, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a more diverse audience in both age and interests, but they’re all gathered in the Underworld for one common denominator – Fozzy.

Greeting the (already quite sweaty) crowd sporting his WWE trademark light-up jacket and not-so-trademark sequin tie, frontman Chris Jericho glistens centre-stage to open on the title track that epitomises the relentless success of 2014’s ‘Do You Wanna Start A War’. This is world domination, one fired-up stage at a time.

Provoking incandescent band name chants and the occasional ‘Y2J’ yell, Jericho laps up every atom of strength and belts it right back through the classic ‘God Pounds His Nails’, the contagious ‘She’s My Addiction’ and the enraged ‘One Crazed Anarchist’. To calm the atmosphere if only temporarily, a heartfelt true-to-track rendition of ‘Died With You’ proves guitarist Rich Ward’s mastery of the frets – they don’t call him ‘The Duke’ for nothing.

Covering every hit from their recent record with an honourable, albeit brief mention to ‘All That Remains’ in fan favourite ‘Enemy’, if there was any disappointment at the setlist disregarding their earlier works, not a soul in the crowd dared show it above their excitement.

With humble beginnings as a band solely playing covers on the weekends, Fozzy have matured immensely and it’s plain to see as shredders Ward and Grey appreciate each and every roar from the crowd through ‘Lights Go Out’ and ‘Tonight’. Just when we thought we’d never see a full-on circle pit to the tune of Abba’s ‘SOS’, Fozzy came along and ticked that off the old bucket list.

Whether you’ve been to 51 Fozzy shows or just the one, you’re inducted into the family, and you will never, ever, e-e-ever be the same again.


’Do You Wanna Start A War’ by Fozzy is out now on Century Media Records.

Fozzy links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Ali Cooper (AliZombie_)


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