Live Review: Dirty Revolution, Wadeye and Rik Pressure Drop – The Star And Garter, Manchester – 20/10/2012

The Star and Garter feels quite empty and somewhat rushed tonight. Upon arrival, you’ll find that upstairs there are only a few specks in the room and looking at the clock, the first act is 40 minutes late! However, any doubts of an underappreciated show become non-existent as the night gradually wears on.

Opening act Rik Pressure Drop, from the band Pressure Drop, plays a strapping set of very enjoyable folk punk. Regardless of the fact that he’s playing to a small minority, Rik takes it in his stride to give a solid 20 minute warm up through guts and sheer honesty plus an excellent cover of ‘Bankrobber’ by The Clash; he barely misses a step, even with a detuned guitar. Eventually more faces turn up who are quite keen on what he has to offer, all the way to his Rockabilly fuelled ending. (4/5)

Taking the evening around an abrasive corner is Wadeye, a relatively new street ska infused punk mob that are straight to the point with their all round, no nonsense punk rock shenanigans. Whilst on one hand they help to create a much needed buzz in the quiet room, their sound can be somewhat repetitive and slightly messy but then again, the band speaks for itself about what sort of music they play. (2.5/5)

It’s been a month since Dirty Revolution has played Manchester, which is actually too long in many people’s books; the enthusiasm for them in the room definitely solidifies this. The band manages to cause an endless skanking wave amongst every individual who come into contact with their stripped back to basics indie punk-reggae-ska guitar tones. They sound chilling one minute with the use of a haunting melodica and a happy epidemic the next with their social and political tales; an absolute prowess that no band has pulled since The Specials! (4/5)


Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan

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