Live Review: Architects, Bury Tomorrow and Stick To Your Guns – Rock City, Nottingham – 15/11/2016

Undoubtedly 2016 has seen remarkable people leave us for the other side. This past summer, the UK rock/metal community suffered from the loss of guitarist Tom Searle. For his bandmates (and brother) in Architects, the months have been shadowed in mourning. Having toured Australia and in Europe prior to this UK run, their shows have allowed fans and the band to grieve and celebrate all that Tom and company have achieved.

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Joining them is Stick To Your Guns and fellow UK metalcore champions Bury Tomorrow. By the time the former come on stage, the room is pretty packed on as the metallic hardcore quintet quickly go about their business showing Rock City what they’re all about; frantic verses, chugging guitars and heavy break downs with plenty of gang vocals. For casual attendees, STYG don’t stand out from countless others within the genre. Throughout frontman Jesse Barnett offers rallying cries of value and change that deservedly gets a positive response. However, that doesn’t deter from a flat outing for the Orange County group. (2/5)

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Like tonight’s headliners, Southampton’s Bury Tomorrow have been winning over fans in recent years for their brand of melodic metalcore. And tonight is no different. Opening with ‘Man on Fire’, the quintet quickly win over the packed out crowd. ‘Memories’ is frantic with a domineering double bass pedal and Daniel Winter-Bates growls. Old favourite ‘Lionheart’ is sharp and viciously delivered and ‘Last Light’ rumbles Rock City before ‘301’ turns it into a tornado. As they depart teasing a UK headline run and delivering the colossal ‘Earthbound’, Bury Tomorrow once again provide a short yet very effective display. (3.5/5)

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By the time tonight’s headlines are scheduled to begin, Rock City is packed out to all exits. Nevertheless, with a cinematic intro, ‘Nihilist’ jump starts their set as the crowd roars along to the title of their latest album (‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’). ‘Deathwish’ shakes the room with it’s thundering density before an onslaught of favourites; ‘These Colours Don’t Run’, ‘Broken Cross’, ‘Gravedigger’ and ‘Naysayer’.

Over the course of five album’s, Architects have crafted an arsenal of heavy, dense metalcore songs that carry plenty of substance, and tonight’s atmosphere is purely made up appreciation for how far they’ve come and what they’ve been through. With the main floor being host to a chaotic scene of frantic bodies, the quintet produce a superb performance full of energy and passion. In addition, impressive stage production adds to the spectacle of how good Architects are live.

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By the time they return for their encore, Sam Carter struggles to keep his composure as he attempts to talk about his departed band mate. Although he is interrupted by chants of “Tom! Tom!”, the crowd soon hush for Carter to speak passionately about the guitarist.

Ending the night with ‘Gone With the Wind’, It’s a poignant conclusion that shows defiance from Architects and unity with their fans. (4.5/5)


Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86). Photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard.

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