Interview: Troubled Coast

A storming new EP (‘I Was Thinking About Leaving You’) has brought Troubled Coast to the attention of many people on both sides of the pond, and was released earlier this year through label Pure Noise.

With post-hardcore guitars, thought-provoking lyrics and plenty of melodic hooks,have helped the East Bay, California band cement their own sound that seems to play host to many inspirations but also sounding refreshingly unique at the same time.

Already Heard spoke to Troubled Coast about their influences, lyrical subjects and how Halo played a minor part in the band’s conception.

Already Heard: How would you best describe Troubled Coast to somebody who hasn’t heard your band before?
Mike (vocals): Tough question. I’d probably say we are a post-hardcore band with a mid-paced, melodic sound. It’s hard for me to say much else without misleading or playing the this band and that band together game.

Already Heard: How did the band form?
Mike: The band actually formed when Tom, the lead guitarist, was just jamming songs in his bedroom while some buddies were playing Halo. I told him he should record that and let me put vocals over it. He kind of laughed and said okay. It was more of a joke almost and then we started practicing with our other guitar player Cory. It was nothing serious really but then we recorded 10 songs as a demo and after our first show it was picked up and turned into our first release.

Already Heard: In your latest EP, I can hear bands such as Balance & Composure but also bands like Alexisonfire. Who would you cite as your main influences?
Mike: Definitely Thrice is the biggest influence musically. Tom writes most of the music and that’s his favorite band. He’s into bands a bit more metal sounding usually. Though, the vocals are not influenced by bands like these. I grew up listening to bands more like AFI, and Black Flag so my influences are skewed a bit more punk/hardcore.

Already Heard: How was your local music scene that you grew up in? Did it have a huge impact on Troubled Coast?
Mike: Our local scene was amazing growing up in the bay area. We got to see bands like AFI, Nerve Agents, and All Bets Off play fairly regularly. And then later in our youth bands like Ceremony, and Allegiance. So yes, the local scene did impact us greatly.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You by Troubled Coast</a>

Already Heard: The title of the EP suggests that the lyrical themes are about relationships. Is this EP about someone’s previous relationship or relationships in general?
Mike: ‘I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You’’s title is actually not about a romantic kind of relationship at all. It’s more about places, times, ideologies, and mindsets. Though on first look some lyrics may suggest other wise, I don’t think I’ve ever written a song about a romantic relationship, or a love song.

Already Heard: You’re currently signed with Pure Noise Records who’s roster is mainly pop punk bands. What was the reason for choosing to go with Pure Noise records and how has the label affected the band?
Mike: Pure Noise is an amazing label. What’s so great about the label is how close everyone is and how much everyone really cares about each other and the quality of work done. It really is a second family. I don’t know that we could ask for better. And it is mostly pop-punk but the relationships we’ve made surpass genre divisions.

Already Heard: Jake from Pure Noise informed me that an album is slated to be released in the summer. What’s the current situation and what can you tell us about the album so far?
Mike: We have begun work on our new LP. Recording dates are set. We are writing a lot of new and different songs. It’s very exciting and very nerve wrecking all at once. That’s all I can really say about it right now since everything is still very much in an incubation type of stage.

Already Heard: What are your touring plans for the current EP and for the album? Will the UK be a place you’ll want to tour?
Mike: We definitely will make it to the UK one day soon. It’s a short term goal for the band and a very big goal for me personally to tour all of Europe. We’re going to be touring this summer across the US for the first time and will continue to tour more after we finish this LP. Not a whole lot of touring for this EP though since Tom is in a fire academy program, we have two members finishing college, and I am trying to finish grad school.

Already Heard: Anything else to add?
Mike: We really appreciate everyone who has given us a listen and we promise we will make it to your town soon. We haven’t been the best at touring but that is going to change shortly.

‘I Was Thinking About Leaving You’ by Troubled Coast is available now on Pure Noise Records.

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Words by Michael Brown

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