Interview: Terror – Breaking Walls

“Terror is positive aggression”

For more than a decade, Los Angles hardcore kings Terror have been searching for the positives in the world’s many negatives. And with their new EP, ‘The Walls Will Fall’, the quintet has continued on in this vein, and with the state of American politics at the moment, vocalist Scott Vogel was only going to write about one thing.

“The title came from watching Donald Trump talk about building his wall to divide and seeing many people cheer him on,” Vogel told Already Heard. “It made me feel like society was going in reverse and things we fought to change were back. I wrote the song about tearing down walls. Not building them up.”

Vogel added: “I still have things to say and love this movement and believe in the community.”

Since their first release in 2003, Terror hit the ground running and it didn’t take long for them to accumulate an army of fans, and with their second full-length, ‘One With The Underdog’ selling more than 40,000 copies, and haven’t shown any signs of slowing down.

The band’s legions of fans are instantly recognisable thanks to the “Keepers of the Faith” slogan, a lightning in a bottle moment. Vogel explains that the term was something he never really thought would stick. “I thought of it in a bathroom in Korea. Someone had written on the wall ‘keep the faith’ and it just clicked and we went hard with it. I had no idea it would touch so many hardcore kids.

"We don’t put on an act or front with gimmicks. We are hardcore kids that still love going to shows and getting demos and never wanted to be a rock band or whatever.”

Even though the five-piece are known for their hard-hitting music, there is a preconception that they are a “tough guy” hardcore band. However, Vogel insists the band try and distance themselves from this stereotype.

“I don’t really see things that way and don’t agree that’s the image we are attached to,” the 44-year-old continued. “I love kids going off hard and letting it all out but I’m not down with tough posturing or people trying to hurt others at shows. Terror is positive aggression, we try to leave it all on the stage each night. That’s what you got to do. And of course, I think that gives us and identity.”

‘The Walls Will Fall’ EP by Terror is released on 28th April on Pure Noise Records.

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Words by Tim Birkbeck (@tim_birkbeck)

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