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This week Canterbury emo-rock four piece Moose Blood release their debut full-length. Entitled ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’, the record contains eleven songs that wear their hearts on their sleeves and is wrapped in a plethora of catchy hooks. With a strong early 2000’s emo influence both lyrically and musically, tracks like ‘Anyway’, ‘Gum’ and ‘Kelly Kapowski’ have a comforting warmth. As stated in our review of the album, ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind…’ sees the quartet grow and fulfill their potential shown on their EP releases.

Already Heard recently spoke to two fourths of the band as drummer Glenn Harvey and bassist Kyle Todd discussed the album, working with Beau Burchell, joining up with No Sleep Records, their forthcoming European dates with Balance & Composure and Seahaven and more.

AH: First off the new album is out in October, what can we expect from it?
Glenn: I think it’s what we’ve been trying to get, soundwise the whole time we’ve been a band. We’ve built on everything we’ve done before and made it sound more whole.

Kyle: Yeah I think we’ve kind of grown together to create something we’re really happy with so hopefully everyone else we like it. I’m really excited for everyone to hear it.

AH: The album is a mixture of old and new songs. Do the re-recorded songs sound any different to the EP versions?
Glenn: Yeah. I think they sound way better. We’ve added little bits here and there to make them sound bigger. They sound amazing.

Kyle: We’ve developed them and (we’ve) grown together closer as friends and it shows.

AH: You recorded the album in LA. How was that?
Both: Incredible! (laughs)

Glenn: It was unreal. Just going to there to do that was amazing.

AH: Who did you record with?
Glenn: Beau Burchell from Saosin. He’s done like Trash Talk and The Bronx.

Kyle: He’s also the coolest guy alive. He really got where we coming from soundwise. That pushed us as well and he really pushed us in a really good way. I just want people to hear it!

Glenn: It definitely felt like we were making a record together with him, as opposed to him just helping us.

AH: How was the whole experience of being in America?
Glenn: It was pretty sweet.

Kyle: It was unreal coming from a position where we’re just four friends playing in a band. We didn’t know if anyone cared, and the offer came out. This pushed us as afar as we could go, so we’re super grateful we were even offered the opportunity.

AH: The album is coming out on No Sleep. How did you join up with them?
Glenn: Danny from Departures texted me about doing a split (with them), then No Sleep heard our tracks because they were interested in putting it out and we got in touch with Chris (Hansen – No Sleep Records founder). He was really up for putting it out and it worked out.

AH: No Sleep’s roster has become pretty influential in recent years, how do you feel to be apart of that label?
Glenn: Amazing!

Kyle: It is amazing. It’s really nice.

Glenn: It’s literally the same label as all of our favourite bands.

Kyle: That’s the surrealt aspect of it all. We all love the bands on that label, the fact we got offered to be on it is incredible. Again all the opportunities we’ve managed to land.

AH: You’re playing two album release shows. What can we expect from those shows?
Glenn: People have been asking that.

Kyle: They’re going to be awesome.I think it wil be fun.

Glenn: It’s our first chance to play a lot of new stuff, so it’s going to be really fun.

Kyle: We are so excited to release this album, as the four of us it’s really hard to keep it to ourselves. We just want to show everyone. I think maybe you can expect some new trakcks dropped in the set to keep it interesting. We just want to play them as much as we want people to hear them.

AH: Shortly after that you’re off on tour in Europe with Balance & Composure and Seahaven, which I can imagine is pretty awesome?
Kyle: We’re really excited about that as well. “Oh my god we’re just excitable people.” (all laugh)

AH: Any certain dates or cities you’re looking forward to visiting?
Glenn: I think everywhere because we’ve never been to Europe before. Kyle: Yeah we’ve not been to Europe so when you hear people ask for you, it’s kind of astonding that music has travlled that far. We finally get over to play to people who want to see us. It’s really exciting and it’s exciting to see how we do out there.

AH: Besides your own album, what other albums are you looking forward to hearing in 2014?
Glenn: I think Title Fight are putting out an album out this year.

AH: I heard that was 2015.
Glenn: No Sleep have got some good stuff coming out.

Kyle: ‘Kingfisher’ by Prawn. I really like that. That’s incredible. People should definitely check that out. Another animal band.

‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time’ by Moose Blood is out now on No Sleep Records.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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