Interview: Homebound

Interview: Homebound

It’s been nearly a year since we featured Farnham pop-punks Homebound in our “Recommends” series, since they’ve played shows with As It Is and are currently on a co-headline run with fellow pop-punk upstarts Six Time Champion. More importantly they’re set to release their second EP, ‘Permanence’ on July 17th.

Having gained experience of being a band on the road, ‘Permanence’ is a more cohesive effort yet sees the five-piece stick firmly to their upbeat and honest pop-punk roots. In addition, EP number 2 sees Homebound working with rising UK label Failure By Design Records and Seb Barlow, who is fast becoming a renowned producer in the thriving UK pop-punk scene.

Whilst out on the road, we quizzed vocalist Charlie Boughton on a number of subjects; ‘Permanence’, working with Seb Barlow, their relationship with Failure By Design Records, the prospering UK pop-punk landscape and more.

Homebound will also be taking over Already Heard’s Instagram on Saturday July 11th.

AH: Since we last spoke to you last summer, it seems the bands status has grown and now you’re releasing your second EP. How has the past 12 months been?
Charlie: We’ve learnt a lot about ourselves as a band. We’ve had our ups an downs and had plenty of new experiences which we’ve definitely come out better for. Releasing music and touring for the first time all helped to get our feet off the ground and has given us a greater platform to release our new EP.

AH: Let’s discuss ‘Permanence’. I remember you spent awhile honing the first EP. How was the writing process this time round?
Charlie: First and foremost, we’ve all got better at what we do and this really helped us go into the writing process with intentions to write the best songs we could. Much of the last EP was written before we had a solid line up. It was a far more organic process this time round, nothing felt forced nor did it feel like a bedroom project. We just wrote what we liked and this helped us be the most creative we could be.

AH: Stylistically how has the band grown on the new EP?
Charlie: We’ve started to hone in on our sound on this record making it a more well rounded, collective piece with a lot more depth and maturity in the songs. Saying that, I think there’s something in this record for everyone; for pop-punk fans on both ends of the scale and for those who aren’t necessarily pop-punk fans. We wanted to put a more Emo twist on our songs as its a direction we can see ourselves heading in but it’s still undeniably a pop-punk release.

AH: You worked with Seb Barlow, a producer who’s fast becoming the go to guy in UK pop-punk. How was it working with him?
Charlie: Working with Seb was awesome and nothing but a pleasure. We spent a week of pre production with him in Wrexham to finish writing the EP as well as vocal production. We wanted to give him as much creative involvement so he could really sink his teeth into the songs. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of ears and a different perspective to re inspire you and that’s exactly what Seb did. The week was based on complete honesty and open opinions; so we’d let each other know when someone’s idea sounded good or complete shit. It was a great environment to be in. Seb brought a whole new dimension to our tracks, sections that we’d never have thought to try. Working with him was the best decision we’ve made and couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

AH: From hearing the EP and reading other interviews, it seems Seb played a part of the band becoming more cohesive?
Charlie: Oh for sure, the week spent with him brought out the best of us as a group. We worked far more affectively with everyone chipping in in equal parts and feeling satisfied with their input. The main difference is that everyone could feel proud of this release and not have any reservations.

AH: You’re releasing the EP with Failure By Design Records. How has it been working with a label on this EP compared to previously doing completely independent?
Charlie: FBD have been great. As a band, when you have people willing to invest time, effort and money into what you do, it’s very humbling and reassuring. Having the extra people who know what they’re doing and wanting to back your music gives you the confidence moving forward.

AH: Do you think FBD are an ideal choice for you? Like yourself they’re fairly new and gradually growing.
Charlie: It’s been nothing but a pleasure so far and I can’t see that changing. They allow us to focus on just being a band but always involve us in any decision needed to be made. We’re very local to the guys who run the label so we can meet up with them any time which is great. They’re good people with good intentions who are just a couple of signings away from being right at the top of their league.

AH: You’re currently on tour with Six Time Champion. How has it been so far?
Charlie: It’s been a blast. I’m doing this interview on our 4 and a half hour drive to Glasgow! It’s been our longest run of shows to date playing places we have and haven’t played before which are good in equal measure. And to top it off, we’re doing it with some of our favourite guys in STC as well as These Minds in who we’ve made some new mates.

AH: Have there been any standout moments so far?
Charlie: Smashed van windows, shaven heads, egg pranks, some stupid sex toy (blame These Minds!). Oh, and some seriously fun shows.

AH: More importantly how have the new songs been going down?
Charlie: People have been digging them even before they’re out which is always a great sign. We decided to take a few pre-release copies of Permanence with us which have been going down a treat! Come down to a show if you want to get a copy before everyone else!

AH: You’re part of a burgeoning group of UK pop-punk bands. Are you concerned that it might become over-saturated or is it simply the standard right now is really good?
Charlie: UK pop-punk seems to be the flavour of the month right now and people can’t get enough of it. It’s spurring people to start bands and pushing others to write better songs. I don’t think the UK has had a scene as strong as this for a while, it’s really promising. We’ve just got to ride the wave while it’s here, who knows, pop-punk could be dead in 6 months.

AH: It seems one of the reasons the UK pop-punk scene has grown is because bands and individuals behind the scenes are willing to help each other out?
Charlie: Definitely, it’s a very tight knit scene where everyone knows everyone. Those who are killing it right now know that everyone starts somewhere so are wanting to help and support those starting out. We’ve been fortunate enough to have some great people help us out along the way and it’s something that should be encouraged in order for the scene to continue to thrive.

AH: While we’re talking UK pop punk, are there any bands you want to give a shout out too?
Charlie: There’s almost too many to name these days! For me, Boston Manor are the ones to watch. I’m gonna be bias and mention Six Time Champion and These Minds who are set for big things. And last but not least, the boys in Trash Boat, Waster, Best Years. The list goes on!

AH: Following the EP release and UK tour, what else does Homebound have planned for the remainder of the year?
Charlie: Most likely more touring. We’ve got a few things in the works but nothing set in stone. We always have writing on our minds too. We don’t want to wait another year before releasing again, so we’ll be sure to be writing in between tours.

‘Permanence’ EP by Homebound is released on July 17th on Failure By Design Records.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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