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Later this week, Canadian melodic technical proggers Slyde return after a two-year hiatus with a new EP titled ‘Back Again’. With their homeland having a long history of producing technically proficient bands, Slyde are no different. The combination of Nathan Da Silva’s elegant vocals and Sarah Westbrooks powering keyboard skills serve as the nucleus of their sound as heard on songs such as ‘Join The Parade’ and ‘Fading’.

Over the course of just under 19 minutes, the Ottawa quartet display a range of positive melodies, dazzling instrumentation and textures.

As their homeland has a strong history of producing impressive bands, as well as coming from the tech-prog world, it’s no surprise Slyde have a wide range of influences. So we asked vocalist and guitarist Nathan Da Silva to tell us about the bands that have inspired him.

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This one needs no reason or justification – they are prog rock icons. It’s the band most people compare our band to (most likely because of the vocals), and they continue to resonate in Canadian rock, even to this day after their retirement. I personally like the 80s-era Rush the most.

Tragically Hip

My mom loves The Tragically Hip, so naturally, I loved them as a kid. A great rock ‘n’ roll band with songs all about Canadiana. The Hip mostly stayed in Canada with their fan base (I hear they would play small clubs in the US and 50-60 would show up – mostly all Canadian tourists haha), but everybody here knows them.

Big Wreck

Not a super huge fan, but their album ‘Albatross’ is one of my favourite records, and Ian Thornley is a god damn mutant of musician/player/songwriter. He’s the Canadian Chris Cornell, only better (no offense to Cornell – I love that guy too).

Our Lady Peace

Again, this band hit me really hard when I was a kid. Their albums ‘Naveed’ and ‘Clumsy’ are classics to me, but not really into any of their other albums after that. They didn’t really sound like any other band at the time – the singer Raine Maida kinda had this altered-Axl Rose thing going on, mixed with a post-grunge alternative sound.


Absolutely loved their album Fantasies in 2009, and that’s enough for me to put them on this list. Also an excellent live act. I’ve seen them live 4 times and they get better every time.

‘Back Again’ EP by Slyde is released on 17th February.

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