Influences: Never Hill

Emerging Coventry rockers Never Hill recently made their return with the re-release of their debut EP – ‘Epilogue’. With the rich vocals of Adam Ross combining with the bands approachable alt rock style, Never Hill show plenty of potential. Tracks like ‘Fire’ and ‘Starting Line’ thrive off the bands anthemic tendencies whilst ‘Colours’ allows them to flex their hollow, ballad-esque muscles.

With such an accessible sound, we asked Never Hill about their influences. The results proved to be a mix of soulful gospel and summery pop-rock. Read on to find out more.

Jacob Morris (Guitar)
I would say my influences don’t exactly originate from the pop rock genre itself (although I love playing it!). My relationship with music stems from hearing artists like JP Cooper or Matt Corby, who in my opinion really strip music right back to being the most beautiful of art-forms. You’ll see what I mean if you have a listen to ‘Closer’ by JP Cooper, who is just an out of this world lyricist, or ‘Brother’ by Matt Corby.

But if I am listening to something in the pop rock genre I have always loved Paramore, although more so their older stuff – back when they were slightly more rock than pop! They just never seemed to dry up of catchy, non-trivial guitar riffs – so as a guitarist that’s always a winner!

Peter Cornell (Drums)
There a lots of influences in my style but the biggest band influence has to be You Me at Six. Their drummer combines simplicity and leaving space for the message of the song and the song itself to breathe, with tasty parts that leave you in awe; he has the perfect balance and that really inspired me not just as a drummer, but as a musician. As a whole band I love the way that You Me At Six have got a balance between raw rock and produced pop, which is probably best demonstrated in one of their newer tracks ‘Lived a Lie’. Finally I love their beginnings, stories of doing their first tour on a Megabus whilst carrying their gear on their laps. They believe in their music and are committed to what they are trying to say with it. There’s no other way to be a band!

Jake Mendham (Bass)
I also have a load of bands I listen closely to and take inspiration from. Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis and The 1975 are the main four, they suit our style of music the most. I love James Veck-Gilodi’s (Deaf Havana vocalist) lyric/song writing. He writes about his life, the band’s career, his family and about being a happier person; it’s not just about girls. He can go into great detail about all the above in just one song. That for me makes the band stand out and I like that we do that too.

Daniel Thomson (Guitar)
I have a lot of favourite bands, but one that has really influenced me in regards to Never Hill is The Dangerous Summer. The real selling point is their vocalist AJ, his lyrics have so much emotion and the music that goes with the vocals in each song really tell a story. Any music that gets me emotionally involved is a winner! My go-to song for them has to be ‘Weathered’ because it’s full of raw emotion and powerful music.

Adam Ross (Vocals)
Well my favourite band is The 1975, because of their song writing and the way they portray themselves. It’s new and unique. That’s what we try and achieve as a band, trying to find your own sound but from everyone’s music taste in the band. Their song ‘Robbers’ from their self-titled album for me, is genius both lyrically and musically, how it delves into a love story that reflects the themes of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘True Romance’. The best kind of music from my perspective is when a story is told.

Deaf Havana also are a massive influence to me because of James Veck-Gilodi’s honesty in his lyrics. He talks about his personal problems and uses beautiful melodies to tell them.

‘Epilogue (Deluxe Ediion)’ EP by Never Hill is out now.

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