FIVES: 5 Bands That Influenced HeyRocco

With its mix of grungy guitars and slacker pop hooks, ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’, the debut album from Charleston, South Carolina trio HeyRocco, has the makings of being at the centerpiece of the current wave of 90s alt-rock revivalists. With comparisons to Weezer, Mudhoney, Pavement and Smashing Pumpkins, tracks like ‘Loser Denial’ and ‘Mom Jeans’ ooze confidence and coolness with a strong nostalgic vibe.

However as we found out, HeyRocco’s influences don’t start and end in the 1990s. In fact they go back much further. Take a read to find out 5 bands that influenced HeyRocco.

Led Zeppelin
HeyRocco: Our collective favorite band/heros. true musicians on drugs, the best.. you Brits ever heard of this band?
Concord America
Chris Cool: ATL punks that shred. A good friend by the name of Colton Jessie once said “if Ben Presley fronts you’re band then you’re probably pretty cool”/.
Chris Cool: Acid Boys! Badass Carolina cowboys. Justin Osbourne is a fucking legend. He writes songs to listen to while you’re traveling West.
The Replacements
Nate Merli: This bands got it all. The recordings are raw and slacker, his voice is broken, the songs are classic rock and sad at the same time. So much American attitude. They have a very fun Wikipedia article to read as well. Rock don’t give a single shit. I love this band.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience/Band of Gypsies
HeyRocco: This is what bands these days lack. If you play guitar and you’ve never seen Jimi Hendrix fucking his stratocaster at Monterey Pop 1967, you blew it. And Jimi could only have gone to these alt universes musically because of rythym sections like Mitch Mitchell & Noel Redding or Buddy Miles & Billy Cox.

‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’ by HeyRocco is released on 10th July on Vital Music Group.

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