Last month, rising British rockers Black Orchid Empire unleashed their debut album – ‘Archetype’. Its release follows appearances alongside the likes of Biffy Clyro, Skunk Anansie, Feeder and Editors. The London-based trio have produced a collection of straightforward rock songs. Songs such as ‘Riches & Rags’, ‘This City’ and ‘Riff of Death’ are bold and carried with admirable harmonies and depth.

We recently spoke to Black Orchid Empire frontman Paul Visser about five bands that influenced him during the making of ‘Archetype’.

As a band and personally we’re influenced and inspired by all sorts of things, from other music to books, films and art in all forms as well as things happening around us. Musically though, there are five bands that spring to mind that are incredibly important to me, and have had a huge impact on my writing process and performance.


Ever since I heard ‘Adrenaline I’ve been obsessed with Deftones and their blend of heaviness, melody and atmosphere. Unlike others I thought ‘White Pony’ was an amazing push forward into experimental ideas that helped them grow and mature, although I think the one-two double tap of ‘Diamond Eyes’ and ‘Koi No Yokan’ is the pinnacle of their development so far. Nick Raskulinecz really brought out the best in them, he’s one of my favourite producers. Monster records!


I couldn’t get into Tool at first, but seeing them live at Ozzfest blew my fucking mind. ‘Lateralus’ is one of the most well-crafted albums I’ve ever heard, it’s basically perfect. The syllables of the lyrics on the title track fit the Fibonacci sequence. Ridiculous.


I love more technical metal stuff as well, and I’ve picked Periphery over the godfathers of the genre Meshuggah because their varied songs and perfect production absolutely floor me. I’d love to work with Nolly, he’s a brilliant producer. Really inspirational guitar tone and approach too.

Black Peaks

This is a new one as they’ve only recently released their first record, but Black Peaks grabbed me instantly. It’s the first time in ages I’ve heard a new heavy band that’s dropped my jaw. Their album has already been really influential to me, so energetic and exciting. Incredible vocals too. Just challenging enough whilst being accessible enough to love at first listen.


I mean, obviously right? But I love these guys because ‘The Bends’ was one of the first rock albums I fell in love with, such huge huge songs. Ever since then they’ve pushed themselves relentlessly to evolve and change for the better. They may have lost some people along the way, but their most recent album is a stunner. Love it. It’s so brace of a band to go against the expected grain. I love and respect them for that.

‘Archetype’ by Black Orchid Empire is out now.

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