Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Six Time Champion

With their latest EP, ‘More Than Me’, Brighton’s Six Time Champion return with a set of slick pop-punk songs that are carried with plenty of heart and soul. Having honed a sound that is firmly embedded in modern day pop-punk, we recently spoke to the quartet to discuss five of their most influential albums.

The five albums we have chosen are very much bands that are within our genre. As a whole, we come from different musical backgrounds. Each member of the band contributes something that makes us have the sound that we have. Our latest EP, ‘More Than Me’, is the best example of expressing these influences. Each track on the EP demonstrates some personal trait, either something as simple as a drum fill or a technical skill in a certain area of specialism.

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Four Year Strong – Enemy Of The World

Four Year Strong will always be a band that we all can sit and enjoy as a band. Just like their other albums, the level of intensity and energy that can come across within their songs resonates with our way of song writing. ‘It Must Really Suck…’, is one of the tracks off this album which we have covered and used in a set. We tend to stay away from covers but the impact such a track has on an audience made us reconsider.

Set Your Goals – This Will Be The Death Of Us

This album just sums up how much fun we all have when listening to Set Your Goals. The guitar riffs are very well written, and there is a nice division between guitar tones. This is similar with the duel vocal parts, which again works so well with their style. One aspect we kept the same with our song writing was the clear guitar parts, a distinguished rhythm and lead. We spend a good amount of time demoing ideas so everything flows and fit well within a song.

A Day To Remember – Homesick

This album by A Day To Remember has great elements of “easycore”, complimented with punchy pop lyrics. The main area of inspiration must be their breakdown sections. We have had quite a few breakdown sections in some of our older songs and have incorporated a nice dynamically built one in our track ‘Doubt’.

The Story So Far – What You Don’t See

The Story So Far are great at writing catchy songs with an upbeat feel. Their use of choppy fast rhythms have been an area in which we have used throughout our music. Parker Cannon’s vocal melodies and rhythms are very inspiring, especially his pitch range when singing. We’ve drawn similar vocal techniques and applied them to our latest musical development.

Andy Mckee – Art Of Motion

This album has more of a personal inspiration to myself as a pose to the band. The album is truly a masterpiece within the acoustic genre. The song ‘Rylynn’ was the true turning point for me to really proceed learning more about the genre. We have included an acoustic number in our latest EP, where I have incorporated similar acoustic fingerstyle techniques as Andy Mckee does. Both this acoustic style and the pop punk vocals really do this song justice.

‘More Than Me’ EP by Six Time Champion is out now.

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