Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced New Woman

Having come together through Leeds DIY scene, garage rock, two-piece New Woman produce a raw, jagged and intriguing sound on their recent AA single ‘Without Teeth You’d Be Nothing’/‘The First Time’. The duo is made up of Bearfoot Beware’s Tom Bradley and Modern Pleasure’s Adam Taylor.

‘Without Teeth You’d Be Nothing’ is a snotty, rumbling garage number. While ‘The First Time’ is a steady, stomping slice that erupts with angst.

To follow up the AA single’s release, we asked New Woman to talk us through five influential albums.

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The Stooges – Funhouse

Listen to ‘Funhouse’. The lyrics are dark. Iggy barks and howls and The Stooges keep everything so simple but perfect throughout the album. The main thing is they kept things stripped back and sounding live, which really caputures the energy of the moment. We try and keep things like this. Make sure everything sounds great and just go for it. One take.

Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler/The Dream

An album full of party bangers. Taylor swears by the beat in ‘Chem-Farmer’. Again simple ideas performed to pure garage perfection. No bullshit posi-vibes.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Primary Colours

We discovered this album only a year ago but every track is infectious. Snarly Aussie vocals over catchy AF riffs. Our favourite track, ‘Wrapped Up’, has that hopeless romantic feel to it that we can’t help but feel attached to. Our band name is basically a piss take relating to Tom’s devilish love life.

Ramones – Road to Ruin

You have to, right? You’re in a punk band. How can you not?

Cowtown – Dudes vs. Bad Dudes

Leeds favourite garage power pop group. We’ve followed them right from our arrival in Leeds and both agree that this band wouldn’t have started without the want to try and write similar garagey dance tunes. Go listen to ‘Ski School’.

Without Teeth You’d Be Nothing // The First Time by New Woman

‘Without Teeth You’d Be Nothing’/‘The First Time’ by New Woman is out now on Voice Of Chunk Records.

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