Hellions Share ‘Nottingham’ from ‘Indian Summer’

Emerging Aussie hardcore pop-punk band Hellions are set to release their new album, ‘Indian Summer’ through UNFD on February 2nd, and as a teaser they’ve posted a new track from the LP.

‘Nottingham’ is a slice of controlled chaos that incorporates elements of hardcore and pop-punk thus resulting in a catchy yet aggressive track.

1. Hellions ft. JJ Peters & Real Bad
2. Nottingham
3. Creasy i) Styrofoam Lungs
4. ii) Technicolour Yawn
5. Ghoul
6. Lie
7. Polyphasic Sleep i) Aurora ft. Kyle Erich & Duane Hazell
8. ii) Indian Summer
9. Comedy Of Errors
10. Mea Culpa
11. 23

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