Grayscale Announce Name Change and New EP Plans

Brighton/London punk quartet Grayscale have announced they have changed their name to Larkhill and will be recording their next EP with producer Bob Cooper in March.

The four piece made the following comment:

“Hello beautiful hungover beings,
We want to take this chance, whilst your recovering on your sofas, to let you know whats going on!

As many of you guessed correctly we are changing our name to Larkhill, Facebook is being awesome (for once) and changing this page’s name for us on the 13th, so no horrible changeover attempting to regain all your awesome likes.

We also have a shit ton of shows to announce, some new merch to show you and a new EP we are recording with the insanely awesome Bob Cooper – Music Producer in March.

Oh and we are writing a new comic to release along with the EP too.

As you can see theirs still shit loads to tell you, but this message is long enough as it it.

We love you guys and we love playing music, hopefully the doodles below help explain absolutely nothing about the name change.

Misael, Lee, Tom & Houston

Larkhill x”

The bands last EP, ‘Mindless Minds’ was released this past October.

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