Fives: Top 5 Moments in The Office (UK) by Andrew Cream

Having spent life on the road since his teenage years as part of The Ruined, Andrew Cream has plenty of tales. Now with his debut album, ‘Self Portrait’ set to be released imminently, Andrew will be sharing his stories and thoughts through eight slices of infectious acoustic punk.

Through tracks like ‘The Final Straw,’ ‘Seen It All’ and ‘Problem Solved,’ Cream provides a charming and sincere collection of songs that are carried with heart and soul.

For this edition of “Fives”, Andrew wants to show his upbeat and humorous. So we’ve allowed him to celebrate the classic 2000s UK comedy show – The Office. The show made stars of Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman and influenced how plethora of shows on both sides of the Atlantic; Modern Family, Peep Show, Parks & Recreations and of course, it’s American (and sometimes better) counterpart.

Read on as Andrew Cream takes us through his five favourite moments from The Office (UK).

The Office may not have influenced me musically, but it has infiltrated pretty much every other aspect of my life, whether that’s noticing constant comparisons with real-life work colleagues, or reeling off endless quotes with friends at every possible occasion. Picking the top five moments of my favourite, and the world’s greatest, TV comedy ever was a pretty tough task – and on a different day the choices listed below may have been wildly different – but here’s what I currently believe are the best moments from Wernham Hogg.

Keith’s Appraisal

Despite being a ‘secondary’ character, Keith has a treasure chest full of great scenes, but I believe his appraisal with David Brent is his best moment, as it is responsible for at least a few quotes (including “under weaknesses, you’ve put eczema…?”“), and watching Brent trying to stay professional while obviously getting more and more frustrated with his employee is just great.


The Real Quiz

Once you realise that, despite all of David’s unsavoury traits, he is essentially a nice person who is desperate to be liked, you start to establish a real, genuine, hatred for Chris Finch, Brent’s supposed best friend. The episode that best showcases Finchy’s nasty side is ‘The Quiz,’ during which Tim and Ricky narrowly beat Brent and Finchy at the annual work quiz night. Finchy spends the majority of the evening lambasting Brent for various reasons, and the night accumulates in one of the most cringey and painstakingly funny moments of the programme.


Gareth: Two Lesbians

Gareth is a consistently funny character, with hundreds of quotable lines throughout the episodes. My favourite is probably this one, where he comes in half way through a conversation and completely misunderstands what’s being talked about. Tim’s face while Gareth is talking is gold.


Tim’s talk about Dawn

The best love story TV has ever had? There are tonnes of Tim/Dawn moments that could arguably make the top 5, and the most obvious might have been their kiss at the Christmas party, but I think Tim’s monolog before the kiss happens is the most emotional moment in the program.


"Chris, why don’t you fuck off?”

Every time I watch this scene I want to fist-punch the air. David finally tells Finchy where to go after years of abuse. Seeing him finally stand up for himself is incredibly heart-warming.


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‘Self Portrait’ by Andrew Cream is released on the 8th June through Andrew’s own label Scene Better Days.

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