Fives: Top 5 Band Names by Awooga

Sheffield’s Awooga recently unleashed their latest EP in the form ‘Alpha’. Taking in elements of psychedelic grunge, sludge, doom, prog and alt-rock, the Steel City trio have created a crisp set of songs that are thoroughly engaging.

For this edition of “Fives”, we asked the bizarrely named group to pick out the best (or worse – depending on who you’re asking) band names.


This band are friends of ours and do this deliberately dumb party-grunge about themes such as erectile disfunction and menstruation. We’ve no idea where there name came from so we asked them:

”Nowhere, We just want people to work to find us and having a name like ours makes it pretty fucking tricky. Google has made the proletariat lazy, and as the champions of the people we wanted to help them break the chains of social media. Sure Instagrams great for checking out hot girls, but where’s the humanity? Thats what we are asking with our band name. Where’s the humanity?“

They’re idiots. Idiots with Masters Degrees.

Fruit ‘n’ Nut by XXX GiRLS


They are named after the Greek God “Morpheus” who was the god of dreams, which incidentally is what their music sounds like. We all love Morphine. We like the band too.

Air Force Chron

Terrible band. Terrible songs. Terrible name. Even worse drummer. Shit band; no fans. But they are funny because they’re about weed.

Anal Cunt



A hardcore punk band from Sheffield that we totally adore. The guitarist and signer are both doctors and met at Sheffield medical school. Their name came after a session of dissecting bodies in the name of medical science. Pretty hardcore.

Death & Taxes by Cadavers

‘Alpha’ EP by Awooga is out now on Rockosmos.

Awooga links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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