For many, Portugal is a country steeped rich in history, culture, and tradition. These days, its a popular holiday destination and is known for football, peri-peri chicken and pastéis de nata’s. As for its music, Portuguese folk and classical music have long been popular, more recently its embraced various other genres and styles with hardcore being one of them.

Lisbon quintet Push! are amongst Portugal’s hardcore scene. Last month, they delivered ‘Dark Dive’, a record that combined new school hardcore elements with old school metal influences. The end result is a frenzied set of metallic hardcore with plenty of crossover potential.

Having spiked our interest with ‘Dark Dive’, we were interested to see what else Portugal’s hardcore scene had to offer. Thankfully, Push! were on hand to tip us off on five need-to-know bands from their homeland.

Reality Slap

If you don’t know already, our homies Reality Slap give you groove, heaviness and fast hardcore at the same time. They’re one of the best hardcore bands in Portugal right now that keep touring and making albums.

The Voynich Code

You wanna talk about heaviness and technic? Again, our homies, The Voynich Code don’t forgive when it comes to “hard mode” riffs. They’re active as well and ready to release a new single. Touring mode on! LOOK IT UP!

Steal Your Crown

The real heavyweight kings in Portugal! Real street hardcore representing the south side of Lisbon.
Imagine if Bulldoze and Shattered Realm had a son, his name would be Steal Your Crown. If you don’t know them already, check them OUT!

Fear The Lord

The future of Portuguese hardcore! These kids aren’t joking around, they bring the heaviness with the beatdown attitude! For fans of the new beatdown hardcore with lots of breakdowns to break your face in half.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1553939520 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Mad Kepler

Mad Kepler is the band of our guitar player Roberto Cebolas and it’s the fucking hope to the future of Portuguese metal. They mesh up bands like Pantera and Infectious Grooves with more futuristic bands like Mastodon. Riffs with great imagination.

‘Dark Dive’ by Push! is out now.

Push! links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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