Feature: Groezrock Festival Preview – 10 Must-See Bands

Some of you may be heading to Belgium this weekend. And for that, we’re very jealous of you. Very jealous, as this weekend sees Groezrock return to the small village of Meerhout for a devastatingly brilliant line up that will shatter the fields and neighbouring countries around for this 21st addition of the festival.

Whilst you may already have ideas on who to watch, Already Heard took on the challenge on who we’d recommend you to see. Complete with persuasive reasons, stage times and locations. 

Sadly, Thrice called for a hiatus back at the end of last year. Those who know and love Thrice are all in a unison of being absolutely gutted, especially after latest album ‘Major/Minor’ blew our minds the way Thrice always do. Melodic yet intense and always perfect live. Thrice are really an inspiration and if you don’t know who they are then now’s your time to see what you’ve been missing out on for the past 14 years and then join the rest of us in mourning. (MB)

Where & When: 7.10 on the Main Stage, Sunday.

The Dillinger Escape Plan
DESTROYER. The Dillinger Escape Plan are lethal in every sense of the word. Well, I think there’s only one sense of the word, but it applies to their music and their live shoes. Search ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan Virgin Megastore’ on YouTube to get an insane insight into just what I mean. Go on, watch it now… Done? HOLY HECK! Exactly. Go. And. Watch. Them. (MB)

Where & When: 8.30 on the Impericon Stage, Saturday.

The Bronx

Unsung heroes of punk are back doing what they do best; punk shows. Ok, so their mariachi stuff is really good as well (which just goes to show this band could do anything and would do a good job of it!) but it’s great to see these 5 veterans at a punk festival doing what they do best and doing an even better job of it than you’d expect. Only 3 albums have been unleashed on the world up to this point in our puny existence so expect some new songs to be shown off just for you, you lucky Groezrock attendee. (MB)

Where & When: 5.30 on the Impericon Stage, Sunday.

The real deal are back. With This Is A Standoff now actually resting in peace, it’s time for everyone to remember what super tight, ultra melodic and light speed punk sounds like. It sounds like Belvedere and it’s going to be a memorable set, bringing the late 90s straight into the early 2010s. Although saying that, 2010s doesn’t sound that cool. Still, Belvedere are. Tight, melodic fast punk rock. It’s awesome. (MB)

Where & When: 3.00 on the Main Stage, Saturday.

Such Gold
Probably the modern day idea of fast, melodic punk rock. Double time, plenty of relatable lyrics to shout back and only from the EPs and splits they’ve so far released. A new album will be droppin soon so some new songs will probably sneak into the set. Check out what they’ve done so far and anticipate that debut album whilst salivating from the mouth in the sheer capability that they emit from merely existing. Wowzer. (MB)

Where & When: 3.55 on the Etnies Stage, Sunday.

PJ Bond
PJ Bond is one of lifes unsung acoustic heroes. Whilst many preach of a life on the road PJ actually lives it as shown by his Year of a Thousand Housemates project were he packed up and couch surfed the globe, playing as many shows as possible on the way. Don’t miss him on the friday night – it’s impossible to know when he’ll be back. (RH) 

Where & When:

Tommy Gabel
Leave whatever negativity you may feel towards Against Me! at the door. That’s right, set it down there and walk on. Tommy Gabel’s solo material mixes a great sense of humour with the wisdom that only touring the world for almost 15 years can provide. (RH)

Where & When: 7.30 on the Fender Acoustic Stage, Sunday.

The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years penned ‘It’s Never Sunny In South Philadelphia’ and if that sounds about right to you after a week or so of torrential downpours then let The Wonder Years brighten your week with their brand of ultra catchy pop punk. If you missed out on seeing them during their brief UK stint this week then don’t miss them at Groezrock. (RH)

Where & When: 5.05 on the Etnies Stage, Sunday.

CAN I SCREAM? Yes you may, and no doubt thousands of others will join you when the seminal progressive hardcore band make their appearance at Belgium’s premier punk festival. ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ never got the tour it deserved until now so DON’T MISS OUT. (RH)

Where & When: 10.00 on the Main Stage, Sunday.

Gorilla Biscuits
In hindsight, it’s easy to see Gorilla Biscuits as being as influential as Minor Threat or S.S.Decontrol. Promoting Straight Edge and Vegan Straight Edge during the youth crew period, Gorilla Biscuits are known for their fast but catchy songs, positive outlook and high energy shows. (RH)

Where & When: 8.55 on the Etnies Stage, Sunday.

Saturday stage times|Sunday stage times.

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Words by: Michael Brown (MB) and Richard Heaven (RH)

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