Exclusive: The Decomposers – Wolves (Sickroom Sessions)

Back in May, we premiered the debut EP from Lincoln indie rockers The Decomposers. If you checked out ‘Born Out of Silence’ then you will know the quartet produce an intriguing and diverse sound.

The Decomposers recently headed to Sickroom Studios in Norfolk to record a four-song session. The session allowed the quartet to embrace different instruments and produce an alternative take of the songs found on ‘Born Out of Silence’.

Over the coming weeks, Already Heard will be premiering all four videos from the session know as “The Sickroom Sessions”.

Here’s what the band had to say about the first track; ‘Wolves’:

Before heading to Norfolk we discussed getting two of our friends to feature on the live recording playing acoustic guitar and piano/organ. When we recorded the EP here six months ago we decided to beef up the recording of ‘Wolves’ by recording a few extra instruments, a piano, an organ and a third guitar. Because the lyrics use nature as a reference it seemed fitting to have some acoustic instruments in this track. They don’t do anything dramatic like go off on wild solos, rather just instruments to support the overall feel of the song and it became a slight issue when playing it live.

Due to obvious fact we are a four-piece, we ended up altering the rhyme guitar part to find some middle ground between the two guitar tracks I had recorded on the EP but unfortunately we still lack the piano and organ live. Still its a really a fun song to play live and obvious choice when we were lining up which 4 songs we’d record for this Mighty Vision session.

‘Born Out of Silence’ EP by The Decomposers is out now.

The Decomposers links: Website|Facebook|Instagram|YouTube

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