Exclusive: The Decomposers – The Bitter Lake (Sickroom Sessions)

Last week, we premiered the first part of a series of videos produced by Lincoln indie rockers The Decomposers. The ‘Sickroom Sessions’ sees the quartet put a different spin on the tracks found on their debut EP – ‘Born Out of Silence’.

The second ‘Sickroom Session’ video sees The Decomposers adding an extra layer of intensity to EP closer; ‘The Bitter Lake’.

The Decomposers’ Louis Belton had this to say about the track:

“This song is about how the true losers of a war are the civilians that live in the conflict zone, even if they escape their country and survive crossing the sea, they are persecuted by the Western media. I read a lot about the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and feel like this song is a product of that.

That being said, the political essence of this song emerged quite organically after hearing the earliest demo. The backbone of this was recorded on a battered acoustic carrying that uneasy, rustic rhythm. Once we developed it with a full band, we realised how much weight and intensity this piece had, and how much it felt like an journey. So I guess the subject matter is appropriate.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hopnd5XRDwA&w=100&h=420]

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‘Born Out of Silence’ EP by The Decomposers is out now.

The Decomposers links: Website|Facebook|Instagram|YouTube

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