Exclusive: The Decomposers – Blood Runs Cold (Sickroom Sessions)

If you have been visiting the site in recent weeks, then you will have seen a series of videos we’re hosting from Lincoln indie rockers The Decomposers known as ‘Sickroom Sessions’. The series sees the quartet put a different spin on the tracks found on their debut EP – ‘Born Out of Silence’.

The third ‘Sickroom Session’ video sees The Decomposers showcasing EP opener ‘Blood Runs Cold’, giving it a raw coat to subtly angst number.

The Decomposers’ Louis Belton explains how ‘Blood Runs Cold’ came together and what the track is about:

“I remember the music to this song coming together relatively easy however I didn’t write the final melody and lyrics until the night before we recorded the closing takes in the studio. Before we went to Norfolk to record, we all secretly didn’t really like the song and we had a different melody for the chorus that no one was really feeling. We decided to scrap that completely and come up with something new. I revisited some old lyrics I had down on my laptop and eventually it all kind of came spilling out over a few hours. We recorded the vocals the next day and it completely transformed the song.

Lyrically, it’s about how humans can react to each other when relationships turn sour and the way we react to emotion simulating input. I find mainstream newspapers the main source of my "blood running cold”, especially during the recent Brexit campaign which the newspapers constantly shit out lies and in-sighted fear mongering to support their own cause. I heard that all the owners of these newspapers keep money in off shore accounts and that E.U wanted to crackdown on it, hence all the racism and Islamaphobia from the papers, they wanted out. The point I’m getting to is that this song seems to be constantly relevant for me as i can always find some common ground between the lyrics and on goings in the world/my life.“

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73wssG9l4go&w=100&h=315]

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‘Born Out of Silence’ EP by The Decomposers is out now.

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