Exclusive Song Premiere: Standing Tall – Make It Through The Night

When the new EP from Norwich’s Standing Tall landed in our inbox, we knew we wanted to do something with the band. Thankfully the band felt the same and as a result we’re bringing you this exclusive.

Not only are we premiering a new song, we are also proud to announce Standing Tall have joined No Panic Records for the release of their forthcoming self-titled EP.

Since forming in 2010, Standing Tall have steadily finding their feet and after spending the past year reworking their sound, the four piece are set to unleash their stunning EP this Spring.

‘Standing Tall’ takes the rawness of Basement and combines it with atmospheric melancholic tones acts like Brand New to create a set of varied, yet connected, set of songs that are thoroughly passionate and deserved to be heard.

We’re premiering a track called ‘Make It Through The Night’ that closes the EP and captures the bands ability to grab hold of you emotionally yet simultaneously showcase a bold, energetic side.

To find out more about Standing Tall, we spoke to Blake Marchesi from the band who told us how they joined up with No Panic Records, about the EP, ‘Make It Through The Night’, their future plans and more.

AH: Can you bring us up to speed on the history of Standing Tall?
Blake: Well long story short, we started back in 2010 at college with a slightly different line up. Over the years we have played some awesome shows and the usual bad shows that every band has had to endure. I was just a singer back then and wasn’t really taking it too seriously until we released the ‘Still Breathing’ EP in 2013. Since then we have toured up and down the UK several times, put out music videos, and played With Hawthorne Heights! I felt 15 again it was so cool. We have really worked on our sound and stepped out of that college band bracket. We know who we are now and where we want to be.

AH: So now you’re preparing to release your self-titled EP in the coming months. What should new and old fans know about it?
Blake: The most obvious thing to say is that it’s completely different from anything we have done before. It’s darker, heavier, and moodier. Also we have improved as a band in terms of song writing and definitely my singing.

AH: How has the band developed since the release of last year’s ‘Still Breathing’ EP?
Blake: When ‘Still Breathing’ came out we were unsure of what kind of band we wanted to be. The sound was very poppy and was similar to a lot of bands at the time. We had a line up change which meant I got to play guitar instead of just singing. This was good for me as I got to actually play the songs I helped write. Matt joined after he filled in for a tour in October 2013, and we spent a lot of time demoing ideas together. It was cool to have someone to jam with, one on one and not have to write a song, and then wait to sing. This is when the new sound/style started to come together. We worked and worked on the new EP in a cold, damp shed for almost a year. I guess this just made us tighter as a band and turned myself in to a more confident writer.

AH: You headed to Southampton to record with Neil Kennedy and Daley George from The Ranch Production House. How was the experience working with them in such a well-known studio?
Blake: It was an awesome experience working with those guys. They really brought out the sound that we wanted to achieve on the record. We got the chance to experiment with the songs by trying out different amps and effects which is one of the reasons why the tracks are so different to the old material. We got to live at the studio for a week which made it all that more special to us. What’s better than getting drunk and recording songs with your best friends?

AH: From hearing the EP I can see it being compared to US acts such as Pianos Become The Teeth, Balance & Composure and Brand New. Who do you consider as the bands influences?
Blake: We all have, individually such a varied taste in music. For example my favourite band is Deftones and I think some of that has come through in the songs, more in the spacey parts and the vocal style. It’s the bands that we all collectively like that have inspired us to go in the direction we are going.

AH: This EP also sees you teaming up with No Panic Records. How did you two come together?
Blake: When we were looking for labels to put out the new record, No Panic was one of the labels that we contacted. Ron shared the same enthusiasm over the record that we had. He’s got a big passion for music and gives bands like us the drive to want to succeed in the industry. So when he asked us to be part of his label we couldn’t refuse.

AH: As part of this interview we’re premiering the closing track from the EP – ‘Make It Through The Night’? What is the track about and how did it come together?
Blake: Its a bit of sad song isn’t it?. I guess it about negativity and the confidence to keep on going when you get knocked back. In terms of the actual music we wanted a closing track that was powerful and dark. It has a shoegaze vibe with the sporadic use of held delayed notes. This really takes effect at the end of the track where me and Tom (bass) play an almost nu-metal style riff and Matt (guitar) uses four delay pedals at the same time to create the atmospheric tone you want on a record closer.

AH: How does ‘Make It Through The Night’ fit into the overall tone of the EP?
Blake: It takes bits from all the sounds we have on the EP which is why it fits in so well as the last track. It has the dark undertones and the spaced out vibes, but it also has the catchy elements to it which is a theme that runs throughout the songs on the record.

AH: The EP is expected to be released in the Spring. Can we expect to see Standing Tall out on the road in support of the EP?
Blake: We are trying to make this year as busy for us as possible. We are so happy with this record, it’s our baby and we want to show it to as many people as possible. So you can expect to see us on the road for sure.

AH: To finish things off is there anything else Already Heard readers should know about Standing Tall?
Blake: We have some embarrassing stories that I’m sure would come out if you asked us at a show, but for now lets just talk about the record and no one has to get their feelings hurt.

The EP will be out late Spring on multiple platforms including limited edition coloured vinyls, CD’s and digital download. We will be getting new merch and like we said we will definitely be on the road in the UK and hopefully Europe at some point this year.

‘Standing Tall’ EP by Standing Tall is set to be released through No Panic Records in the Spring.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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