Cousin Detail New 12″ EP (‘Music To Polish Your Rifle To’)

Brighton based instrumental math/melodicore trio Cousin have revealed their new EP, ‘Music To Polish Your Rifle To,’ will be released through Fcking the Night Records (Brighton) and Barely Regal Records (Cardiff) on Monday 23rd March.

The band passed on the following comment about the making of the 12" EP:

“Before we went to put this record down we’d been tweaking the ways the two guitars interact, as well as the bass sound while playing previous EP ‘Alternate Tunings For Regular People’ live. So we got in knowing a lot more what we wanted. We got to use Retreat, the studio that Chris works at, which is great cause it’s just an amazing space to work in both in terms of equipment and the sense of the place coaxing some sweet ideas out. We spent some time getting the drum sound right in the room and the guitars went down pretty quick. The track titles are usually phrases we’ll say on tour, or at some point, one of us will pop one out and if we like it then it goes in the bank. We also have a riff bank. So basically when we make a record we make a couple of withdrawals from the riff bank, then take a visit to the track name branch.”

Side A:

1. Dry Steering On A Wet Road
2. John Hit A Deer

3. Which Schnitzel?

Side B:
4. Oversized Haulage
5. Narcotics Stake-Out Mix-Up
6. Legitimate Concerns

The band have posted ‘Which Schnitzel?’ from the album and can be streamed after the jump below.

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