Chronographs Begin Search for New Vocalist

Worcestershire quintet Chronographs have announced vocalist Jon Sinfield has left the band.

The band are currently halfway through a series of monthly single releases. However they begun searching for a new vocalist and passed on details on how to audition for the band.

Potential vocalists are asked to go to and then do the following:

– Download ‘Wax On’ for free.
– Write and record their own lyrics to the song.
– Send their audition to [email protected]

Chronographs made the following comment about Jon Sinfield’s departure and their plans for the future:

“It’s sad for all of us to lose Jon as for the past 4 years we have been creating as a unit of five – but for all of us we’re movingforward to exciting times. We can’t wish Jon more luck on his journey into teaching: a career which wedeem as one of the mostvital and respectable professions in today’s society.A s for Chronographs we are now in one of the most exciting phases a creative group can be in – a time of instability. We’re rushing towards the unknown and we’re all eagerly anticipating the auditions. Chronographs the band could go anywhere from here and as a creative minds, we couldn’t be happier. Next time you hear from us we’ll have big news, new music and a new member and what more could we want to promise our fans.”

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