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Review: You Know the Drill – Selfhood EP

There’s no denying that the UK pop-punk scene is in a slump. Most of the bands that sparked the scene have moved on to bigger and, frankly, better things. Examples include Boston Manor, a band that have seamlessly developed from regional accented pop-punk to champions of alt-rock, and Trash Boat,

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Review: Luke Rainsford – I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved EP

With a title like ‘I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved’, there’s a fairly certain expectation of what to expect from Luke Rainsford‘s newest EP. Indeed, he’s been leading the charge of the UK’s ever-growing crop of acoustic pop-punk and emo artists, particularly with the acclaim garnered from the deeply

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Pretty Pistol EP

Review: Pretty Pistol – Welcome to The Dead Club EP

Don’t blink. This is fast and furious stuff from South London quartet Pretty Pistol on their latest EP of hard-hitting garage punk. The gloriously named Laura Le Rox takes centre stage with a visceral vocal display, as they crash frenetically through the four tracks on offer in a riot-filled, but variety-lacking

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Review: TRC – Lifestyle EP

You may remember TRC back when they were a seven-piece band experimenting with combining hardcore with grime and hip-hop. Now, the Londoners are down to four and have planted their feet firmly in the field of full-on hardcore but without losing any of their punch or originality. ‘Lifestyle’, is something

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Review: One Flew West – Trial and Error EP

There’s been a shift in pop-punk over the last few years. The genre, once dominated with tales of young love and the occasional poop joke, has found itself trying to be taken seriously. The influence of emo music has seen songwriters get introspective for the most part, and whether you

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Review: Lizzy Farrall – All I Said Was Never Heard EP

When Lizzy Farrall signed with favoured pop-punk/hardcore label, Pure Noise Records, last spring there was very little known about her. Nevertheless, the Chester-based singer-songwriter looks to change that in 2018 with the release of her debut EP, ‘All I Said Was Never Heard’. Over the course of its five songs,

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Review: Stand Atlantic – Sidewinder EP

For a long time number of bands making a global impact after breaking out of the Australian music scene was hardly a torrent. But a couple of years after the likes of Tonight Alive and Parkway Drive cracked the damn, With Confidence and mainstream dominators 5SOS began to turn it

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Review: Catch Fire – A Love That I Still Miss EP

Nottingham’s emo-tinged pop-punkers Catch Fire are back with sophomore EP, ‘A Love That I Still Miss’, which retains all those classic pop-punk features you’d expect to hear, yet goes way deeper than your usual party fodder. There is a mature posture to this record that makes it a cut above

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Review: Pleiades – Symptoms of the Human Being EP

Post-rock is often thought of as a mellow and subdued genre. Manchester’s Pleiades describe themselves as being a post-rock influenced post-hardcore band, which is an apt description, but there’s an immediacy and intensity to the music on their debut EP, ‘Symptoms of the Human Being’ that might not normally be

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Review: Weatherstate – Dumbstruck EP

As 2016 slowly trickles into the forefront of our lives, so does the heated and massively crowded list of new and exciting bands looking to make their own firm and lasting imprint on the year. With so many groups craving your attention, it’s difficult to know how to split the

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Homebound - Permanence EP

Review: Homebound – Permanence EP

While nothing ground-breaking, Homebound’s sophomore effort ticks every conventional box for an entertaining, emotion-laden record. Home-grown pop-punk is currently riding on the crest of a wave. With the successes of Neck Deep and As It Is, the stakes of a genre that once quivered in the shadows have never been

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