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Review: TailBlock – Think or Be EP

“Life is all about the journey, not the destination”, or so the famous quote says. ‘Think or Be’, the second EP from Dartford three-piece Tailblock, embodies this perfectly. Over six tracks, we’re taken on a post-hardcore tour. And, while they haven’t quite reached what they’re aiming for, this is a

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Review: Fangclub – True Love EP

Irish three-piece Fangclub have been making waves in the underground alternative scene over the last few years. Now, after gaining plenty of praise for their emphatic self-titled debut album last year, the trio return with their new EP ‘True Love’ – a release worthy of even more acclaim than its predecessor.

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Review: Youth Man – Five Songs EP

Watch Youth Man’s ‘Live At the Lounge’ session and you’ll see a band putting every ounce of energy they have into their performance. The result is eight minutes of blood-rushing adrenaline, bringing back memories of old At the Drive-In gigs, where the outside world was shut off and you were

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Review: Maypine – Bend/Break EP

Having removed their early pop-punk EP from all platforms, theoretically, ‘Bend/Break’ is now the debut EP from Brighton quintet Maypine. It signals a more personal, less genre-specific songwriting approach. As such, their “keeping your head above water in the battle against adversity” ethic and lyrical approach has slipped deep into

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