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EP Premiere: Gold Steps – Incandescent

Hailing from Austin, Texas, meet feisty pop-punk upstarts Gold Steps. In less than 18 months, the quintet hasn’t wasted any time getting down to business. Debut EP, ‘Louder Than Words’, laid down a marker with its pulsating mix of heavy pop-punk and soaring hooks courtesy of Liz Mauritz. While appearances

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Album Premiere: Curtail – All Your Luck

Ask any band to describe themselves and more often than not, you’ll get an answer that is hard to pin down. Akron, Ohio quartet Curtail are no different. Bassist Dan Corby describes their debut album, ‘All Your Luck’, as “modernized ’90s alternative” and he’s not far off from being accurate.

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EP Premiere: Arms & Hearts – Wires Crossed

The name Arms & Hearts will be a familiar one to longtime Already Heard readers. In recent years, Steve Millar has been performing his brand of impassioned folk punk up and down the UK. Today, Millar releases his new EP, ‘Wires Crossed’ through Real Ghost Records. For the Manchester-based singer-songwriter,

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Video Premiere: Your Persona – Hate is a Strong Word

Although New Jersey natives Your Persona has existed for the best part of 10 years, it’s not been an easy ride for them. Formed in late 2008, the quartet has faced more struggles than successes in the past decade. Most notably, frontman Matt Campione being diagnosed with cancer, which put

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Song Premiere: Dream The Electric Sleep – Black Ink

On paper, progressive rockers Dream the Electric Sleep formed in 2009 yet the Kentucky trio’s origins begin in the year before. Matt Page and Joey Waters had spent several years playing together with little to no success. Nevertheless, in 2008 they decided to write and record an album together. With

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EP Premiere: Fight For Friday – Someone You Could Trust

Fight For Friday’s second EP, ‘Someone You Could Trust’, captures the band’s personal growth while maintaining the pop-punk sound that has been a longtime influence. The end result is introspective and energetic with its five songs covering a range of topics; false apologies, standing up to negative people and mental health awareness.

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To The Wall

EP Premiere: To The Wall – To The Wall

With its members having previously played in Blakfish, &U&I and Shapes, it’s no surprise To The Wall‘s eponymous debut EP is a mix of rabid hardcore punk with flashes of math rock. Songs such as ‘Through The Wars’, ‘1411’ and ‘Blue and Grey Mountains’ are pulsating slices of raw punk.

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Video Premiere: Kermes – Casting the Creatures

On their forthcoming debut album, ‘We Choose Pretty Names’, self-described queer indie-punk band Kermes confront a plethora of issues such as depression, misogyny, and anti-capitalism. Their latest single, ‘Casting The Creatures’, sees the Leicester quartet approach the matter of transgender identity and how some parts of society mistreat queer and

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Album Premiere: Halo Tora – Man of Stone: First Chapter

Since forming in 2015, Glaswegian five-piece Halo Tora have developed their own unique brand of prog-rock. This week they’re returning with a second album. ‘Man of Stone: First Chapter’ is a six-track concept record that adds alt-rock melodies to its immersive, layered musical and lyrical journey. While there are comparisons

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Video Premiere: GRAVVES – Hello Sailor

Next month, Welsh noise merchants GRAVVES return with a new EP called ‘Oh, The Joy’. It picks up where last year’s debut EP, ‘Rattle’, left off as the trio deliver a set of snarling, punk-fuelled songs with the occasional hook thrown in here and there. With its release pencilled in

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Single Premiere: Twin Jackal – Make Me Brave

Since coming together last summer, London quartet Twin Jackal haven’t wasted any time making waves with their first two singles; ‘Humility’ and ‘Cruel’. With a melting pot consisting of math rock inspired riffs, soulful vocals and emotive harmonies, they’re rightly considered as “ones to watch”. Tomorrow they’re set to release

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Video Premiere: Patrons – Deathbed

Last year, Plymouth quartet Patrons left a lasting impression by delivering one of the best, if not underrated, debut albums of 2017 in ‘As Above, So Below’. With an abundance of riffs, big choruses, and heartfelt lyrics, there is a lot to like about Patrons. Now 12 months on from

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Song Premiere: I Feel Fine – Lifer

Since launching in 2013, Failure By Design Records have a proven track record of finding hidden musical gems. With names such as Boston Manor, Weatherstate, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Lightcliffe and Guillotine amongst their back catalogue, the label continues to thrive. Today, we’d like to introduce you to FBD‘s latest addition – I

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Song Premiere: Oxbloods – Clinton

Manchester has a long history of producing a variety of guitar bands, and although it’s a city known for leaning towards the indie side of things, it has always been a musical hotbed for producing new and exciting talent. So with all that being said, we’d like to introduce you

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Video Premiere: Alcabean – Running

Later this month, Danish noise-rockers Alcabean will be returning with their second EP, ‘Head Down’. With its stylistic nod to 90’s alt-rock, the quartet showcase a tight-knit set of fuzz-driven, melancholic songs with a raw undertone. Following on from being featured in last month’s “Recommends” roundup, we’re pleased to be

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Album Premiere: Harker – No Discordance

Four years ago, Mark Boniface began a solo acoustic project under the moniker of Harker. Fast forward to 2018 and following shows alongside names such as Creeper, Boston Manor, and Off With Their Heads and a few EP’s, Harker are set to release their debut full-length, ‘No Discordance’, next Friday.

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EP Premiere: Evertim – Your Heaven Held Me Well EP

Based out of the ever-thriving musical hub of Brighton, Evertim emotionally put it all out on the line with their second EP – ‘Your Heaven Held Me Well’. On songs such as ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘Clouds’, vocalist/guitarist Alex Tuck sings of damaged relationships and appreciating time spent with friends

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Song Premiere: Warm Copies – Bare Feet

Away from the hustle and bustle of Nottingham’s major venues, there is a tight-knit DIY community with local bands playing in intimate rooms such as JT Soars and the Chameleon Arts Cafe. Warm Copies is one of those bands that have honed their sound by playing in various DIY bands

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Already Heard Song Premiere: welcomehome – Feel You There

For any up-and-coming bands to succeed in this non-stop music scene, you need various characteristics. Amongst them is hunger and enthusiasm. And St. Louis rock quintet welcomehome have it an abundance. Since forming in 2014, they’ve fully embraced the DIY mentality of what it takes to sustain life as a

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