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Underøath – Revamped & Functioning

Ahead of making their Reading Festival debut last month, we spoke to Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie and lead singer Spencer Chamberlain about ‘Erase Me’, abandoning their Christian values and more.

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SWMRS – Awakened Ambition

“We want to catch people off guard”

As SWMRS returned to the UK at Reading Festival, Ffion Riordan-Jones spoke to Cole and Max Becker about ‘Berkeley’s On Fire’ and more.

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Staying Pissed – Like Pacific

“I feel like ‘In Spite Of Me’ is a really accurate representation of us through music.”

Toronto’s Like Pacific aren’t affected by “second album syndrome” as guitarist Greg Hall tells us.

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Boston Manor

Boston Manor – Representing the Neighbourhood

“I feel the people who love our band are Boston Manor fans. I think those people want a little more from their music” With so much music to take in at a click of a button, people have an unfortunate tendency to label bands with a certain genre. However, as

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Rooted in Repulsion – Sinsaenum

“With Sinsaenum, I want it to be raw and dirty and disgusting”

Frédéric Leclercq discusses the making of Sinsaenum’s second album, ‘Repulsion for Humanity’, and how he wants to take death metal back to its origins.

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Growing Beyond the Canopies – Trash Boat

“I tend to just question my responsibilities and my decisions” Being the frontman of a band can be a difficult task. More often than not, you’re the centre of attention. The responsibility can put a weight on your shoulders. Add to that life away from your band and it can

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2000trees Festival’s 7 in 7 – The Xcerts

Although the UK festival is full of great gatherings, one of our personal favourites is the 2000trees Festival. With a history of putting the spotlight on bands from the underground alternative music scene, 2018 is no different. Taking place at Upcote Farm, near Cheltenham, 2000trees is jam-packed with impressive names.

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