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Versus: Deftones – ‘White Pony’ VS ‘Diamond Eyes’

There’s a very strong possibility that if you’re into rock/metal you’ll be into Deftones as well. An absolutely astounding set of musicians with albums more satisfying than, well, lots of things! I’m listening to ‘Poltergeist’ now and they’re leaving me at a loss for words. Formed in 1988 in the

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Versus: Converge – ‘Jane Doe’ Vs ‘You Fail Me’

Here at Already Heard we discuss a lot of stuff, and there’s a lot of stuff that we probably shouldn’t mention here. However, we do also discuss stuff related to the site, otherwise we wouldn’t get anywhere! We chat about ‘Versus’ a lot, with who to cover and who’s going

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Versus: Thrice – ‘Vheissu’ Vs ‘Beggars’

This year has been really sad, hasn’t it. I’m not even asking, it was entirely rhetorical. Well, it’s been good in terms of new music and I’m quite afraid to compile my albums of the year at some point in the next few weeks. What really makes me sad is

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Versus: Biffy Clyro – ‘Infinity Land’ vs ‘Puzzle’

After a long overdue absence, we’re pleased to announce ‘Versus’ is making a welcomed return to Already Heard. Expect to see more ‘Versus’ in the coming weeks. Biffy Clyro are probably one the UK’s biggest bands. Sold out tours, top festival slots and a little show at Wembley are enough

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