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Review: Versus – The Cardinal

Looking to follow-up on the strength of their well-received self-released EP ‘The Black’, Seattle-based quintet Versus look set to push forward with their debut album ‘The Cardinal’. The band have crafted a record with distinctive nü-metal and post-hardcore influences, this is a formula which lends itself well to their sound.

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Versus: Millencolin – For Monkeys vs Pennybridge Pioneers

Formed in 1992 by friends Nikola Sarcevic (bass and vocals), Mathias Färm (guitar), and Erik Ohlsson (guitar), with drummer Fredrik Larzon joining in 1993, Millencolin remain one of Europe’s biggest punk bands after 2 decades at the top. Having refined their sound from the early ska-influenced ‘Life On A Plate’,

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Versus: Quicksand – ‘Slip’ vs ‘Manic Compression’

Comprising of former members from several New York hardcore bands including Gorilla Biscuits, Bold and Youth of Today, post hardcore/alt metal quartet Quicksand formed in 1990. The line up includes vocalist guitarist Walter Schreifels, guitarist Tom Capone, bassist Sergio Vega and drummer Alan Cage. After releasing a self-titled EP on

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Versus: Mogwai – ‘Mr. Beast’ vs ‘Young Team’

Forming in Glasgow, Scotland in 1995, Mogwai became one of a few bands to truly define the enigmatic and serene nature of post rock. In 1998, after the departure of Keyboardist/guitarist Brendan O’Hare, the line up has remained unchanged. Since then, this juggernaut comprises: vocalist/guitarist Stuart Braithwaite; bassist Dominic Aitchison; drummer

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Versus: Pixies – ‘Surfer Rosa’ vs ‘Doolittle’

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986, featuring Black Francis on vocals/guitar, Kim Deal on bass/vocals, Joey Santiago on guitar and David Lomering on drums, alternative rock band the Pixies, helped influence and shape the guitar rock landscape for the next twenty five years. Alongside the likes of Sonic Youth and

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