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Already Heard’s Record of the Year 2018

From standout returns to outstanding debuts and more, there have been truly incredible albums released in 2018.

We feel the following 10 records define a magnificent year for everything that falls under the umbrella of rock, metal, and punk. 

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Music By Numbers: Hail The Sun

For almost a decade, California-based progressive-rock band, Hail The Sun, have continued to push themselves as writers and musicians.

We spoke Shane Gann to discuss music by the numbers.

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Under The Radar: November 2018

It’s been another busy month for releases. So much so, you may have missed new releases from Frog, BillyBio, NeonSaturdays, Not Ur Girlfrenz, The Disaster Area and Stand Alone.

We’re here to fill you with another dose of “Under The Radar”.

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