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Influences: Kurokuma

Sheffield’s Kurokuma experimental blend of sludge, doom and psychedelic is confusing yet strangely addictive.

So it made perfect sense to find out who they consider their influences.

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Influences: Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

With over a 100 songs to their name, you’d think it’d be difficult to know where to start with Birmingham’s Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam. However, they would probably suggest you start off with ‘Blackout Cowboy’. Released today, it sees the quintet display their admiration for US college radio albeit with a

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Influences: DeWolff

Having released their latest collection of vintage psychedelic and blues rock in the form of ‘Thrust’, we spoke to Dutch trio DeWolff about seven albums that have shaped their sound for over ten years.

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Influences: SEASONS

As they return with their third EP, ‘Chapters’, Bedfordshire’ SEASONS tell us about the musicians and bands that have shaped their sound.

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Influences: Five Albums That Influenced The Maple State

For some, the return of Manchester trio The Maple State has been a long time coming. Almost 10 years to be exact. While its members went off in their individual directions; Greg Counsell now works as a Conservation Biologist, his brother Christian lives in Copenhagen and guitarist Richard Higginbottom is

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Carry The Crown

Lincoln alt-rockers Carry the Crown released their second EP, ‘Not Alone’ last week. It sees them build on the emotive foundations laid down on their debut outing, ‘Desire’. Tracks like ‘Fire’ and ‘Hometown’ take cues from bands such as Mallory Knox, with powerful vocals and aggressive riffs, while the semi-acoustic

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Influences: The Final Clause Of Tacitus

This past week, The Final Clause Of Tacitus returned with a new EP called ‘Not Like The Rest’. Based out of Reading, the EP sees the funk metallers serve six groove-filled tracks that are reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Songs such as ‘Tables

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Arcaeon

Mixing the progressive technicality of Intervals and Polyphia with the metallic bite of Northlane, Arcaeon’s debut EP, ‘Balance’, is a hybrid of punchy prog metalcore. Over the course of its five songs, the Reading-based newcomers showcase a mix of complex riffs, atmospheric synths, admirable harmonies and intense screams. Songs such

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Lizzy Farrall

Chester-based songstress Lizzy Farrall aims to make a lasting impression in 2018, and even though we’re just weeks into the new year, she’s heading in the right direction. At the start of this month, she released her debut EP in the form of ‘All I Said Was Never Heard’. A

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Lightscape

Tomorrow, Norwich five-piece Lightscape look to make an impression with their new EP – ‘Circles’. Its six songs of slick, anthemic rock that takes its cue from Thirty Seconds To Mars and a wealth of “BritRock” bands to do the rounds in recent years. Songs such as ‘By Design’, More

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Influences: Paceshifters

This past Friday, Dutch trio Paceshifters delivered their fourth album – ‘Waiting To Derail’. A cocktail of straight-up anthemic rock with hints of heavy grunge and snarling punk, the three-piece deliver an adrenaline-fuelled set of songs. For example, ‘Strangers’ is a gritty, razor-sharp rollercoaster while ‘Unfolded Pieces’ and ‘My Gateway’

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Young States

At the top of the year, we tipped rising Norwich quartet Young States for big things in 2017. While it might be later than expected, they’re finally releasing their second EP, ‘Past Truths | Present Lies’, this Friday. It offers five slices of impassioned, melodic and thoroughly honest rock. As

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Influences: High Wire

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, High Wire are aiming to step things up with their new EP, ‘Different Places’. The six-track offering showcases the quartet’s mid-tempo pop-punk in a fine light. Songs such as ‘Nothing Left to Lose’, ‘Something In The Way’ and the title track are carried with a radiant

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Stand Atlantic

Emerging from the increasingly musical hotbed that is Australia comes Stand Atlantic. The Sydney trio look set to join a whole host of compatriots by breaking out from the Aussie scene. Their new EP, ‘Sidewinder’, is an energetic, infectious offering that thrives on huge hooks and lyrical depth. Ultimately, songs

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Shaded

On their debut EP, ‘The Better Man in Me’, Shaded showcase a brash, slick set of upbeat pop-punk that is reminiscent of those who bridge the gap between the mainstream and the underground. Nevertheless, it’s a versatile introduction from the Surrey-based quartet. Songs such as ‘Better With You’ and ‘Too

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Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Between You & Me

It’s fairly well known by now that the Australian music scene is pretty rad with a wealth of bands breaking out from Down Under; Parkway Drive, Tonight Alive, Trophy Eyes, With Confidence and more. Looking to join that ever-growing pack is Melbourne pop-punks Between You And Me. Although they only

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