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Fives: Tigress’ Top 5 Picks for Download Festival 2018

The Download Festival showcases a wide range of acts from all corners of rock, metal, hardcore and beyond. Some are stadium-conquering legends, others are just starting out on the road to bigger things. Chelmsford rockers Tigress considerably fall somewhere in between. Formed three years ago, the quintet arrive at Donington having

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Fives: Varvara’s 5 Favourite Finnish Bands

Lapland. Moomins. Saunas. These are just some of the things the country of Finland is famous for. While its musical output is perhaps best known for producing stellar metal and hard rock bands such as HIM, Nightwish, Children of Bodom and erm… The Rasmus. Nevertheless, on the more melodic, alt-rock

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Fives: Thumpermonkey’s 5 Favourite Film Soundtracks

Alt-prog-rock oddballs Thumpermonkey recently returned with their seventh release, an EP titled ‘Electricity’. Over the course of 20 minutes, the London-based quartet take you on an intriguing journey that explores a lost tale of human misadventure; the story of Victorian MP and visionary Lord James Badger. Wrapped in a sound

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Fives: 5 UK Bands to Get Excited About by Gold Key

For the members of Gold Key, the imminent release of their debut album ‘Hello Phantom’ marks a new chapter for all involved. With the quartet having previously spent their time in heavier bands such as Gallows, Sikth, Spycatcher and Blackhole, Gold Key sees Laurent “Lags” Barnard, Steve Sears, Jack Kenny

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Fives: Movements’ 5 Favourite Albums Produced by Will Yip

This Friday, Orange County alt-rockers Movements will be releasing their debut full-length. Entitled ‘Feel Something’, it sees the quartet produce an intricate record revolving around introspective lyricism, explosive and emotive choruses. Songs such as ‘Daylily’, ‘Colorblind’ and ‘Deadly Dull’ are threaded together by a timeless psychological and spiritual bond, providing

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Fives: Huxtable’s 5 Favourite Scottish Venues

They might only be a two-piece but Jordan Yates and Mark William Brown AKA Huxtable know how to make a statement. On their new EP, ‘Change Shape Future’, the Scottish alt-rockers deliver an adrenaline-fulled, riff-heavy onslaught with melodic hooks in equal measure. The Kilmarnock duo are longtime friends, having come

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Fives: Lights’ 5 Favourite Comic Book Characters

This week, alt-pop artist Lights returns with her fourth album; ‘Skin&Earth’. From her synthpop beginnings, this new record highlights her musical growth. ‘Savage’ is a sultry, raucous number with a fuzzy guitar riff. ‘New Fears’ highlights Lights’ vocal prowess through its atmospheric, ballad-like tone, with ‘Giants’ suitably carrying itself with

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Fives: 5 Life Lessons by 7 Minutes In Heaven

On their new EP, ‘Symmetry’, 7 Minutes In Heaven’s Timmy Rasmussen takes a reflective and considerate look at his life. While on the surface, the Chicago band supply an energetic set of pop-rock bangers, the EP sees Rasmussen highlight several personal and relatable issues; losing focus, the fear of failure,

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Fives: The Maine’s Top 5 Video Games To Bring On Tour

Since forming in Tempe, Arizona in 2007, The Maine have travelled far and wide, playing their brand of alternative/pop-rock all over the place. Sequentially, it’s safe to say the quintet have done their fair share of touring. Like a lot of bands, The Maine have spent many hours in a

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