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Blank Atlas

Track Guide: Blank Atlas – Canvas EP

On their new EP, ‘Canvas’, Bristol trio Blank Atlas produce a vibrant mix of hook-y choruses, textured riffs and infectious harmonies. Wrapped around by a distinctive British alt-rock sound, songs such as ‘Sing For Something’, ‘Halfway There’ and ‘Borrowed Time’ thrive with urgency and confidence. Beyond the riffs and three-part

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Album Premiere: Harker – No Discordance

Four years ago, Mark Boniface began a solo acoustic project under the moniker of Harker. Fast forward to 2018 and following shows alongside names such as Creeper, Boston Manor, and Off With Their Heads and a few EP’s, Harker are set to release their debut full-length, ‘No Discordance’, next Friday.

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Already Heard Track Guide: Greyhaven – Breathe EP

This Friday, London-based rockers Greyhaven look to kick off 2018 in a big way with the release of their new EP – ‘Breathe’. Since forming in 2014, the quintet have been honing their brand of towering Brit Rock through a succession of EPs. Their third outing, ‘Breathe’, once again sees

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Already Heard Track Guide: SPQR – The House That Doubt Built

Liverpudlian trio, SPQR, are set to release their debut EP this week. Titled ‘The House That Doubt Built’, it sees Peter Harrison (guitar/vocals), Bex Denton (drums) and Jack Sanders (bass) fuse a mix of off-kilter art rock with a hint of alt-rock drive popping up throughout. From the opening, multi-layered

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Already Heard Track Guide: Rival Town – Make it Work EP

With their new EP, ‘Make It Work’ Ontario pop-punks Rival Town look to leave their mark with an energetic collection of catchy hooks and big breakdowns with a heartfelt spine. While songs such as ‘Colder’ and ‘Shot Down’ thrive off bold guitar riffs and soaring choruses, the sextet aren’t afraid

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Already Heard Track Guide: A Story Told – Good Looks

The use of social media can have mixed results. It can bring people together but can also cause conflicts. On their second LP, Charleston, WV quintet A Story Told consider how people act artificially on social media and how personal issues are unwillingly highlighted through it. While ‘Good Looks’ may

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Already Heard Track Guide: COPE – Tooth & Nail EP

Let’s be honest, with political and social strife on both sides of the Atlantic, we’re living through tough times. It has been said that difficult periods can spur on creativity, one that gives a voice to represent the masses. One of those bands to be inspired by our current socio-political

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Already Heard Track Guide: Beaumont – Honestly EP

This week, Birmingham gloom pop-rock quintet Beaumont return with their second EP – ‘Honestly’. Like the bands debut EP (‘Nothing’), ‘Honestly’ sees the five-piece offer a juxtaposition of dour lyrics and soaring, infectious melodies. However beyond the bright hooks, ‘Honestly’ offers plenty of lyrical substance as vocalist Spencer Edmonds explains.

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Already Heard Track Guide: Fangclub – Fangclub

For some, Irish trio Fangclub have been “ones to watch” for the best part of 12 months. Having delivered two impressive EP’s in ‘Bullet Head’ and ‘Coma Happy’ last year, along with playing shows with Pixies, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Twin Atlantic, the Dublin-based band are set to

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Already Heard Track Guide: …And the Hangnails – DOG

This past Friday, York-based indie/punk duo, …And The Hangnails released their fourth album, ‘DOG’. Recorded over two days in Manchester, the album sees Martyn Fillingham (vocals/guitars) and Steven Reid (vocals/drums) produce their most energetic and fun sounding songs to date. Songs such as ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, ‘Nothing Wrong’ and

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Already Heard Track Guide: Patrons – As Above, So Below

This past Friday, Plymouth quartet Patrons released their impressive debut album – ‘As Above, So Below’. It contains 10 slices of thoughtful post-hardcore with stylistic nods to their primary influences; Biffy Clyro, Brand New, Thrice and Reuben, throughout. Songs such as ‘The Art of Conversation’ and ‘Listen’ swell with emotion,

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Already Heard EP Premiere: Dozer TX – Centerpiece

With their new EP, ‘Centerpiece’, San Angelo, Texas’ Dozer TX face the issue of toxic relationships and mental health issues head on. Dozer TX formed three years ago when vocalist and guitarist Kevin Cale became frustrated with his “real job”. Joined by vocalist/bassist Miles McMillan, guitarist Eli Kypfer and drummer

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