Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps and The Blackout Support ‘Save Your Hearing’ Campaign

The likes of Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps and The Blackout have gave their support for a new campaign called ;Save Your Hearing.’.

The campaign has been launched by in accordance with National Tinnitus Awareness Week. The aim is to raise awareness of the potential damage that can be done if you hearing is persistently exposed to loud noises. The purpose of the campaign is urge fans to wear ear protection whenever they attend gigs.

Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps and The Blackout have all played their part in the campaign and have encouraged fans to protect their ears.

The Blackout, who are set to head out on their final tour soon, made the following comment:

“You’ve only got two ears. Don’t break them. As an artist playing shows day in day out it can be intensely draining to your entire body, but unlike your muscles, your ear drums and hearing won’t grow stronger. Protecting them at all times is essential. Ear Peace earplugs give you the essential clarity and sharpness of sound whilst protecting your hearing from damaging stage sounds.”

Cancer Bats also emphasised the need for effective ear care at gigs, especially with bands who’re as loud as they are. Lead singer, Liam Cormier said:

“I want to be able to crank Pantera when I’m old and grey sitting on my porch, drinking a bucket full of black coffee. The only way I’m going to be able to still hear a thing at my prime old age is by taking care of my hearing now. Having a good pair of ear plugs is just planning for the future.”

Finally Sheffield metal titans While She Sleeps made the following comment:

“Strangely enough it took me quite a while for the importance of wearing ear plugs to sink in! If you’re like me who loves any sort of music loud, I urge you to start wearing them now and not until it’s too late! It would be a disaster to damage a part of you that makes you so happy and can create such colourful worlds of wave form dimensions that can provide you with so many areas of peace, pleasure and creativity.”

Already Heard fully backs the campaign and encourage its readers to protect their ears. We want you to go to gigs, have fun but also protect yourself from long term damage. 90% of young people have experienced ringing in their ears – an early sign of damage – at least once.

Cancer Bats and While She Sleeps will be touring together in April. Support comes from Hundredth and Oathbreaker.

22nd Institute, Birmingham
23rd The Ritz, Manchester
24th UEA, Norwich
28th University, Newcastle
29th O2 ABC, Glasgow
30th Forum, London

Whilst The Blackout will begin their final UK tour on March 23rd.

Mon 23 Asylum, Birmingham
Tues 24 Koko, London
Wed 25 Academy 3, Manchester
Thu 26 King Tuts, Glasgow
Sat 28 Leisure Centre, Merthyr Tydfil

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