Buried In Verona Set to Return with ‘Vultures Above, Lions Below’

Sydney, Australia metalcore band Buried In Verona have revealed they will be returning on August 7th with the release of ‘Vultures Above, Lions Below’. The record will be released through UNFD and sees the five-piece reinvigorated and moving forward.

The self-produced effort promises to be their most powerful and honest release to date with guitarist Richie Newman sharing this comment about the LP:

“This whole album is the album we have always wanted to write. It’s the most honest representation of who we are as people – we’ve been through hell and back in a lot of aspects of our lives, and this is the end result.”

1. Vultures Above
2. Extraction
3. Dig Me Out
4. Hurricane
5. Separation
6. Can’t Be Unsaid
7. Reflection
8. Done For Good
9. Pathways
10. Unbroken
11. Bring Me Home
12. Lions Below

To give you an idea of what to expect, the band have released a video for ‘Can’t Be Unsaid’. It’s a stirring and anthemic number that has certainly got us interested to hear ‘Vultures Above, Lions Below’.

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