Arcane Roots Part Ways with Drummer

Arcane Roots have announced they have parted ways with drummer Daryl Atkins.

In a departing note from the drummer stated:

“I will no longer be joining the boys on the tours going forward. Sadly due to unfortunate circumstances i’ve had to make the very difficult decision that it’s not in my best interests to carry on touring, I still have a relentless desire to be creative, but for now it must manifest in other forms. I’m still part of Arcane Roots, just working in the shadows rather than in the bright lights.”

With work on their new album completed, the band have began the search for a new drummer:

“Suffice to say, we are now looking for a permanent drummer for Arcane Roots…

You can message us on here with an example of your playing, but before you click send;

– This is a massive commitment, on your time, freedom and finances, there really is very little room for much else.
– Ideally, you need to live in the Surrey/London area.
– You need to sing, and well, while you play.
– We want to be impressed. Really impressed. We built this band on challenging each other musically, and we want this to be a brand new chapter. We want to be excited to play & write with you, and welcome you into our lives/band.
– You need to be musical. We’re not interested in what you can do, just what you can do with it.

We’ve made a playlist of drummers (and music) that we think are both exciting and technical, but most of all humble & musical:

– We work hard. We do almost everything ourselves, and we continually learn as much as we can so that we can do even more. If you have any other talents (musical, artistic, technical, electrical or otherwise) to bring to the band they would be welcomed with open arms.

We look forward to meeting you,

Andrew & Adam

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