Video Premiere: Jon Jones and the Beatnik Movement – No Brainer

Emerging from the industrial city of Bradford comes Jon Jones & The Beatnik Movement. With their blend of psychedelic fuzz, stomping bass lines and thundering rhythm, the West Yorkshire quartet have hints Queens of the Stone Age,
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Killing Joke. They recently released their debut single, ‘No Brainer’, alongside fellow Yorkshiremen Magic Mountain as part of Come Play With Me split single series.

Today, Already Heard is premiering the video for ‘No Brainer’. It sees frontman Joe crawling through Yorkshire woodlands while his bandmates bring a mysterious, psychedelic touch with a silhouette performance. Overall, it’s an enticing and compelling visual to Jon Jones & The Beatnik Movement’s brand of heavy garage rock.

“The video is based on a concept by our friend Chris Robinson. We wanted to make a video that was different, ambiguous and with no particular story,” they explain. “It’s loosely based the emotions of the song rather than word for word, but really, it’s open to interpretation.”

As for the making of the video, the quartet clearly embraced the DIY aesthetic. They told us, “It was made for precisely £0.00. Our front man, Joe, directed, shot, edited and starred in it. Make of that what you will. It’s only taken 12 years but here is the very first Jon Jones music video!”

‘No Brainer’ by Jon Jones & The Beatnik Movement is available now on Come Play With Me.

It also appears on Come Play With Me’s showcase compilation – Come Play.

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