Already Heard Video Premiere: Cascade – Zenith

Since forming in 2015, Greater Manchester band Cascade have been honing their sound through a run of singles. Later this month, they will be releasing their fourth single, ‘Zenith’, and today we’re giving you an exclusive first look at its video.

The track itself is a tight and ferocious slice of melodic post-hardcore with a mix of crunching guitars, soaring chorus and a pulsating rhythm section. On the lyrical side, it documents a toxic relationship where both sides are together just for the sake of using one another. In addition, the track marks a new chapter for Cascade with the recent addition of guitarist Nick Graham, and comes off the back of recently playing the Deadbolt Festival in their hometown.

To find out more about ‘Zenith’, the lineup change, and their future plans, we put forward a handful of questions to Cascade.

AH: It’s been just over six months since your last single, ‘Ascend’. Now you’re back with a new single called ‘Zenith’. What is the track about lyrically?
Cascade: The track is actually really personal, it’s about a relationship that seems like it should work out but in reality is just impossible to do so. A toxic relationship where both parties are sabotaging the relationship but still sticking together because that is what seemed normal. Every single part of the lyrics has a relation to a personal issue within this toxic relationship.

AH: Compared to your previous singles, how does ‘Zenith’ differ?
Cascade: We think that it’s definitely based more on rhythm then the other tracks are. The creative process of writing this track was actually the polar opposite to how we wrote the others. We all individually came up with our own parts and stuck them together. It just worked rather than the previous ones where we’d all jam together and work on ideas that arose.

AH: More recently, you’ve tweaked the band’s lineup with Nick Graham coming in on guitar How did he come into the fold and what does he bring to the band that wasn’t there before?
Cascade: Scott Chadfield (bass/vocals) was friends with him previously and when Andy (Talbot) decided that this was no longer for him, Scott highly recommended him. We never wanted to directly replace Andy but rather have someone come in with their own flair and not just be a carbon copy of the previous member which he does. He brings a new musical element and a fresh perspective to the tracks that we have overlooked in the past because we were structured in the way we worked on everything.

AH: You also recently played the Deadbolt Festival in your hometown of Manchester. With a mix of underground metalcore, pop-punk, post-hardcore and more bands on offer, how did you find the experience?
Cascade: This was great. As cliche as it is to say, it really was a massive learning curve. Sharing the stage with Shields, Holding Absence and Parting Gift, which are definitely some of the best underground UK bands, really made us step up our game in terms of songwriting and want to play more with acts like this.

AH: Additionally, do you think festivals like Deadbolt highlight the strength of the UK independent scene?
Cascade: Yeah, definitely. As it’s a cluster of great bands so from a listeners point of view there would be something that would be great to listen to whereas just turning up to a random gig although we are massive advocates to support your local scene you can as a listener and music fan sometimes not really know what to expect. It’s festival’s like this that offer something for everyone.

AH: With ‘Zenith’ being your fourth single, what would you like to do next? Surely an EP or even an album is the long-term goal?
Cascade: In regards to our discography, an EP is definitely on the cards as something we’re working towards in the near future. As well as this though, we want to get out on the road a hell of a lot more in 2018 than we managed to this year.

‘Zenith’ by Cascade is released on 25th November.

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