Already Heard Track Guide: Venture – Away EP

Last month Kent-based pop-rockers Venture released their debut EP – ‘Away’. It contains four slices of harmonious, feel-good pop-rock that is carried with a subtle sense of maturity. The young four-piece have produced four single-worthy tracks that plead to be played repeatedly.

Having crafted a short but favourable collection of songs, Venture’s Alexander Jeffries decided to give us a track-by-track account of the EP.

1. Talking With Trouble
This song best represents the collective sound we wanted to achieve on this record. We wanted to create something upbeat and open that introduced the listener to our sound and showcase each of our roles in the band. Lyrically, this track is about a night out, and finding someone or a connection you know is going to be a headache in about three weeks time – they’re dangerous and nothing goes according to plan and this just makes the whole experience more enticing.

2. Hold You Now
We wanted a club banger. This track has a very “bouncy” vibe and we wanted to make it as energetic and engaging as possible. It’s probably the most commercial song on the record, it’s great fun to play live and we love hearing people singing it back to us. We love hooks, and we wanted to have some big ones in this song. “Hold You Now” is about making someone who is so unsure of what a relationship (whether best friends or boyfriend/girlfriend) can be, or them worrying about what other people think.

3. She Said
This track is a straight-up rock song. No nonsense, fast paced and an integral part of our live set. This track is about someone convincing you that you can have the same experience that you see in the movies. It’s true. You can! I might not look like Anne Hathaway but I’m pretty certain I’ve been caught up in a wave of “rom-com-esque” feels before.

4. Away
And finally, the title track of our EP. This track was written predominantly in the studio and for this reason, we love it. It totally represents where we were at the time and allowed us to be spontaneous. Ideas had been flowing and we were excited about where we were, so naturally we experimented a bit more with our songwriting. We all agreed as a band we had really come together over the making of this record. Away from the distractions of our day jobs, and in a completely different environment, we wanted to go home, but also didn’t want to go back at all.

‘Away’ EP by Venture is released on 10th August on iTunes, Bandcamp and other digital platforms.

Venture links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube|Bandcamp

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