Already Heard Track Guide: United Fruit – Eternal Return

This Friday, Glasgow’s United Fruit release their second full-length ‘Eternal Return’. Coming five years since their debut effort, ‘Fault Lines,’ album No. 2 sees the quartet take a tighter, more refined approach resulting in a joyful mix of angular alt rock and pop.

Songs such as ‘Cog In The Wheel’ and ‘Ghost Inside Your Head’ thrive off anthemic tendencies. Whilst recent single ‘Nightmare, Recovery’ and ‘Nothing To Feel’ sonically swirl as vocalist Iskandar Stewart provides an emotional release. As a whole, ‘Fault Lines’ serves to be a positive step of progression for United Fruit.

To learn more about the record, the Glaswegian four-piece provided Already Heard with a track-by-track run down of ‘Eternal Return’.

Ghost Inside Your Head
This track is about your inhibitions and the temptations you get within. Sometimes they can be overwhelming but most of the time they are just an unrelenting whisper.

Open Your Eyes
This track is about being fear and trying to help someone through the darkest periods. This track actually sounded completely different when we were writing it. Ended up changing a few parts and it came together nicely!

Where The Sun Beats Down
This song is about loss and remembering the goodness in someone.

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Golden Days
This song took a while to get right. It’s fast pace really didn’t help getting the melodies right! It’s ironically about frustration and rejection.

Cog In The Wheel
We really wanted a big crunching tune for the record so this one came about quite nicely!

How Long
Once again, this song is about helping loved ones and sacrifice.

This track is about connection and how it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes the more attached you become to someone or something, the more of you is invested and vulnerable.

Nightmare, Recovery
We had this song kicking about for a long time but there was something missing. We made changes later down the line and fell back in love with it! So much so, that we made it the first single. It’s got a pretty euphorically chaotic feel to it towards the end.

Nothing To Feel
This song is about companionship and to have someone’s back through thick and thin. It communicates the stresses of such a situation too.

A Taste I Can’t Give Up
This song is actually about Glaswegian night life and the many dangers of it. It was the first song we wrote for the record.

Cause And Effect
This is probably our favourite track on the record. It’s quite sprawling and we are really happy with the composition. I’ll leave it to you guys to decipher the meaning on this one. We don’t want to give it away.

‘Eternal Return’ by United Fruit is released on May 13th.

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