Already Heard Track Guide: TheCityIsOurs – Wildfire EP

This week, London-based metalcore newcomers TheCityIsOurs release their debut EP; ‘Wildfire’. Over the course of five songs, it takes the urgency and bite of Bury Tomorrow and Beartooth and combines it with catchy melodies. Songs such as ‘Dry Your Eyes’, ‘Haunted’, and ‘Lungs’ are carried with an undercurrent of crunching rawness yet soar in the hook department.

To find out more about ‘Wildfire’, TheCityIsOurs gave us a track-by-track breakdown of the EP.

Overall we wanted to create a record with the perfect balance of light and shade. Heavy breakdowns intertwined with catchy hooks and ambient sections when you least expect them. We just wanted to try and put our own stamp on a genre of music we all really obsessed with already.


‘Wildfire’ is about overcoming adversity to make the best of any situation. Whether personal, romantic or religious, everyone has issues on a daily basis. ‘Wildfire’ is about taking the positives out of these and overcoming the internal battles they create.

Dry Your Eyes

‘Dry Your Eyes’ is about a personal relationship that we watched unfold in a very unorthodox fashion. We wanted to capture the raw emotion felt towards this at the time, especially as we were onlookers in the most part, rather than being directly involved. This was a unique situation we had not found ourselves in before and the lyrics/vibe of the track are a reflection of our feelings in that very moment.



‘Haunted’ is about seeing yourself or somebody close to you, becoming something or someone that you no longer recognize for the qualities they possessed before.


‘Lungs’ is about a relationship that broke down over a period of time. It’s a very personal response to a situation, written with hindsight in mind. Break ups are never easy. The range of emotions experienced is ever changing and suffocating and we wanted this to be apparent. From denial, to misunderstanding, anger to acceptance and finally emerging, stronger than you were before, learning from your mistakes of the past.

The Life In You

This song is a personal message. The band lost someone very close to us, which affected us to the core. We wanted to write something that people could relate too. We wanted people to be able to grieve with us, but also celebrate the lives of the people closest to us that we have all lost at some point in our lives. We didn’t want to portray a negative feeling towards this subject but instead create a powerful statement of the legacy loved ones leave behind.

‘Wildfire’ EP by TheCityIsOurs is released on July 21st.

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