Already Heard Track Guide: The Young Hearts – Honestly, I’m Just Thinking EP

Returning with their second EP, Kent quartet The Young Hearts have had their fair share of personal ups and downs. However, through solace, they’ve crafted an endearing set of songs on ‘Honestly, I’m Just Thinking’.

Influenced by the pressures and stresses of modern life, the four-track collection ideally captures a mix of nostalgia, loss, guilt and strife. Overall, The Young Hearts have produced a captivating brand of impassioned alt/emo-rock; poignant lyrics and attentive musicianship.

With such a personal tone threading its way through the EP, vocalist/guitarist Craig Lawrence offered Already Heard a detailed insight into the songs and stories behind ‘Honestly, I’m Just Thinking’.


Lyrically, ‘Bloom’ was the hardest song to write. I wanted the words to be relatable, but very personal at the same time. It’s about that feeling everyone gets at some point, looking into their past, seeing how far they’ve come, and wondering where they’re going. It’s about feeling stuck between your past and your future because you don’t really know where you’re meant to be. But it’s about the way I handled it, or not, should I say. I’ve made some wrong decisions in life, like a lot of people, and where I’ve ended up, isn’t exactly where I saw myself, but we struggle through it until we find the strength to do something about it. It’s how we grow as people.

The instrumental section at the end of the song was completely spontaneous. I just laid down these simple chords that I used to just fade out with whenever we played it live, and then we started adding more layers. It turned into this beautiful instrumental outro, which is now my favourite part of the EP.


I found out through social media that one of my best friends from school, someone who I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade, had got married. Initially, it upset me; firstly because I had no idea about it, and secondly because it made me think about the lack of progress I had made with my own life. But then I just felt happy for them, and it made me realise that everyone has different aspirations and ideas about the path they take. ‘Medicine’ is all about those contrasting feelings. In a lot of ways, just reading stuff on social media can bring you down, and make you feel like you’re on the outside, but sometimes seeing the achievements of the people you care about can push you, and drive you forwards.


When I wrote the lyrics to ‘Smoke’, I wasn’t sure it would ever become a song. At the time, I was seriously contemplating giving up on the dream of playing music, and moving forward with other aspects of life. As much as I love being in this band, the sheer amount you have to put into it emotionally, physically and financially takes its toll, with little reward at times.

I was 27, working a job with no prospects, just for the money, and starting to see my friends moving on with their lives in different ways. Music has been the biggest part of my life since I can remember, but the thought of giving it up and focusing on other things was playing on my mind more and more, to the point where I was genuinely thinking that change was the only answer. ‘Smoke’ is me, desperately trying to convince myself to leave everything behind, and force a real change.

I like it when I hear artists subtly reference their inspirations in their own songs, so in the lyrics to ‘Smoke’, there’s a nod to Bowie, Springsteen and The Replacements.


I originally wrote the lyrics to ‘October’ a while ago but wasn’t sure I ever wanted them to be heard considering what they’re about. Whilst driving to a show with Stew [Thorpe – bass], my girlfriend and one of my best friends in the car, I crashed. Now, despite it being a complete accident, and no lasting injuries sustained, the way I felt afterwards, lying in the hospital, separated from my friends who were taken to a different hospital, is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I was completely alone, in my own head, and all I wanted was to know my friends were ok.

For weeks afterwards, the guilt absolutely crushed me, I didn’t even want to leave my house. It was all I could think about, constantly asking myself what went wrong, how could it have happened. It took nearly two years for me to feel comfortable enough to put those words on record.

‘Honestly, I’m Just Thinking’ EP by The Young Hearts is released 29th September on Primordial Records.

You can find The Young Hearts touring the UK on the following dates:

30 Deadbolt Festival, Manchester
04 The Brook, Southampton
05 Sticky Mike’ Frog Bar, Brighton
06 Kasbah, Coventry
07 Cobblestones, Bridgwater
08 Old Blue Last, London
28 Bournemouth, Blue Line Studios
09 The Ballroom, Canterbury
10 Harvey’s, Luton
11 The Attic, Torquay
12 Crofters Rights, Bristol
18 The Attic, Ashford

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