Already Heard Track Guide: The Dissociates – After Hours at the Violet Club EP

Earlier this week, Hackney, London punk quartet The Dissociates return with a new EP – ‘After Hours at the Violet Club’. It marks their first release since a brief forced-hiatus, and sees them encompassing a range of styles and influences yet firmly sticks to their punk roots.

To give you an insight into what the EP is about, we recently spoke to front man Dan Stevens.

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Delete All

‘Delete All’ is about a nasty break up – nuff said! I was trying to channel Henry Rollins and Little Richard in the vocals.

Dial House

‘Dial House’ is about someone I know who decided to give up their “normal life and go live in Dial House, which is an open house collective in Essex founded by Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher from Crass. It’s about the inevitability of people scorning those who make a clean break and try to find themselves and the shock of change. Also about the risk of bad old habits slipping back when you count on someone else’s ideology to save you.

Galway House

‘Galway House’ is punk nostalgia for us. A time when there was less to worry about. The concept is we’re all holed up in this tower block (Ned lived on the 15th floor), playing our music from the roof to the deaf ears of London.

Radio Galway is a reference to the name of the tower block, not the town in Ireland! We’ve often felt nobody’s listening to what we’re shouting about and living somewhere like Shoreditch, where there is so much other (mostly crap) music being played, just amplifies that sense of us vs them. Ultimately we’ll keep playing the music, even if no-one’s listening…


‘Longplayer’ is about my Dad’s mate who played in a rock ‘n’ roll band for literally 60 years. He had this gold jacket he’d wear on stage and the last time I saw him, he was in a wheelchair and gave my Dad his jacket, to give to me. Dave’s band never got very far but he never lost the love of doing it, so it’s my way of putting Dissociates in a wider perspective. These guys were playing shit shows, getting hassled by the squares, having their van break down 20 years before I was born! It’s punk by a different name and I suddenly felt proud to be part of a continuum, rather than feeling like a failure cos we haven’t played the main stage at Reading yet….

‘After Hours at the Violet Club’ EP by The Dissociates is out now on Safety Second Records.

The Dissociates links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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