Already Heard Track Guide: North Seasons – Eyes For The Blind EP

Earlier this month Northern melodic hardcore quintet North Seasons released their new ‘Eyes For The Blind’ EP. With it’s mix of anthemic hooks, crushing guitars, and abrasive vocals, North Seasons have produced a worthwhile set of songs that sees them challenging themselves and the metalcore genre.

Underneath the surface, ‘Eyes For The Blind’ is lyrically rooted in vocalist Harvey Tuck’s personal troubles; the death of his brother, saying goodbye to close friends and facing up to lifestyle choices. ‘Eyes For The Blind’ is both musically and lyrically an EP filled with intent and purpose.

Harvey recently took some time out to give us a more detailed insight into ‘Never Forget This’ track-by-track.

‘Silhouettes’ was originally just an acoustic love song and when the band was forming and starting to write I got lazy and just used those lyrics but they worked with the song great so we ran with it, changing a few things here and there. It wasn’t until, I think Kris? (drums) pointed it out that we could put a sadistic and dark twist on it and we all thought it was a funny idea and started building on that.

A New World Order
I actually had help off a good friend of mine. When I say help, he basically wrote the opening lines as a poem or spoken word. We were writing together a lot of the time and I just kindly asked if I could steal it. His name is Jack Landless and he is a genius. That isn’t a plug or whatever, he’s just a great guy, didn’t ask for royalties or credit. He just loves helping his friends. The rest was written by me in quite a rushed environment and its basically the second part of ‘Silhouettes’ or the ending of the story that starts in ‘Silhouettes.’

‘Bitter’ is about the struggle of losing someone close to you and how it effects those around you, it’s written from two perspectives. The first, or spoken word section, is from my own and the second from “crash and burn to ashes” is from my Mums. She wouldn’t mind me saying that I don’t think, it’s best to just face everything in life head on and she understands that. She gets the fact this song and a whole lot of other music I was writing at the time was a big part of dealing with the weight of it all.

Good News
Again is a follow on, or second part, of ‘Bitter.’ It’s about the exact moment I was told about my brothers passing going into the next few months. That time was really rough and as I said earlier, if you’re lucky enough to have an outlet that you can put all of your emotion into then why the hell not? Everyone has problems but not everyone faces them. I wrote the song hoping that it was relatable and might actually help someone going through the same or something similar that I did.

Never Forget This
Funnily enough that I’ve already mentioned his name but my friend Jack was moving to Australia and we’ve been friends for ages, way too long! I thought I would just write a testament to him as a person instead of having to give the old emotional goodbye. He’s been through a heap of shit too and I wanted to make sure somebody noticed what a great man he is.

Eyes For The Blind
‘Eyes For The Blind’ is just us having a go at people that try and force their own lifestyles and beliefs down your throat, it was a totally conjoined effort from everyone in the band really. We all wanted to say the same thing and we used the platform. We were like “aah we need to write this and send this off to master in like 3 days. Lets just get something down!” To be totally honest a lot of it was improvised right there in George’s bedroom as we recorded.

‘Eyes For The Blind’ EP by North Seasons is out now on Kill/Hurt Recordings.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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