Already Heard Track Guide: Greyhaven – Breathe EP

This Friday, London-based rockers Greyhaven look to kick off 2018 in a big way with the release of their new EP – ‘Breathe’. Since forming in 2014, the quintet have been honing their brand of towering Brit Rock through a succession of EPs. Their third outing, ‘Breathe’, once again sees them producing four slices of colossal melodic rock.

‘Truth’ and ‘When We Divide’ storm through with Sam Paterson’s soaring vocals combining with blistering riffs. Whereas the title track effectively builds with compelling results. Throughout its four songs, it’s clear Greyhaven are passionate about what they sing about and where they want to go as a band.

Ahead of its release, Greyhaven offered a track-by-track insight into ‘Breathe’.


At its core, ‘Truth’ is a protest song. It acts as a call to arms to anyone who wants to stand up for what they believe in. Everyone’s voice should be heard, and we think that is a very important part of our society.

When We Divide

‘When We Divide’ is one of the more anthemic songs on the record. The lyrics speak about the ravages of war, how much of a disease it is to our planet and how far-reaching its effects are, all told through the eyes of a soldier who has experienced loss themselves.



’Crows’ is the last song we wrote for the record. We were binge watching Game Of Thrones at the time and thought it might be a laugh to write a song about that. It’s probably the most fun we’ve had writing because we weren’t writing about a serious topic. We were writing it because it was fun.


This song means a lot to us as a band. It tells the story of a person with a passion, aiming to pursue it and finding that they are being put down by all the naysayers around them. They begin to realise that once they focus on their own thing, rather than worrying about what anyone else says, they will be able to claim their destiny. A point that we feel that anyone in the creative arts would be able to relate to.

‘Breathe’ EP by Greyhaven is released on 12th Janaury on Outsider Records.

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