Already Heard Track Guide: Faux – Inhale EP

Today Southampton up-and-comers Faux release their second EP – ‘Inhale’. Consisting of five slices of drifty alt-rock, it sees the quartet produce an angular take on pop-rock blueprint. With the combination of Lee Male’s harmonious vocals, breezy guitar and effective percussion, ‘Inhale’ makes Faux stand out from a growing pack of emerging bands.

To find a little bit more about the EP, we spoke to Lee from the band as he gave us a behind the scenes account on the making of ‘Inhale’.


Inhale’ was a funny one to write to be honest. We had the chorus and outro/chorus straight out of the gate and those parts have stayed as they are to this day, but due to wanting the verses to be as floaty and dreamy as possible, they seemed to change week on week until we sat down and demoed it. We then changed them six more times and ended up in the recording studio like shit; “how does the verse go again?” haha.


‘Nerves’ really did stem from that intro riff. The whole song is based around it and exploring the idea of trying to make three chords sound as different and dynamic as possible, which I believe is completely original and we were the first band to do that, right? I will have to double check that statement with the rest of the band to keep our status quo.


This is my favorite song on the EP for sure! It was one of those I brought to the band with a whole heap of ideas that were all over the place and generally a complete mess. It was sort of like chucking a Lasagne, Chocolate cake, a bag of percy pigs and a pint of beer all in to one bowl and expecting it to taste great…

Luke and James worked tirelessly on the dynamics of the song and a solid structure, while Daly and myself patched together guitar parts and vocals and then we did a run through one evening and it just felt great!

You Know

‘You Know’ was a bit of an experiment both vocally and instrumentation. The punchy verses and elaborate pre-chorus developed, and then the only way to esclatae from there really was the jumpy chorus pattern and emo-tinged bridge. Also the title of the song is great to add on to the end of a sentence, you know?


We all wrote ‘Swimmingly’ together at James’ parents house which has the most glorious kitchen (good work Mr and Mrs C) after playing a show in London and experiencing Byron Burger for the first time!

‘Swimmingly’ is probably the best song that defines Faux; chill, moody verses, off beat / interesting rhythm sections, catchy and intricate guitar riff’s, harmonies and a emo-esque vocal melodies.

Lyrically the whole EP just sort of spewed out of me as if I had finally been honest with myself after a long period of ignorance.

‘Inhale’ EP by Faux is available now on Speaking Tongues (Digital) and Through Love Records (Vinyl).

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